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    As governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin did not propone school choice vouchers because that would have entailed amending their state constitution, so she advocated for magnet schools, home schools, charter schools, online schools, and other options to the general fare offered in the public schools, but as president, she would surely advocate for school choice, because it actually is more with the spirit of the u. s. constitution, ‘though not endorsed nor prohibited by the constitution, so look for that change we can believe in which will allow low income families to send their kids to good private schools if they so choose, that competition which will cause the public schools to get their act together, or go away.

    Federal law now prohibits the teaching of biblical creationism in science classes in the public schools, but Texas, Tennesssee, and Georgia have seen the light to teach the bible as a source of history, a great inspiriation for classic art, literature, science, and political movements, because topflight colleges are begging the nation’s public schools to teach the bible (offered as electives) for these reasons, but as it’s being taught as a source of history, the question arises, how far back should it be taught as a valid source of legitimate history, back only to the time of Jesus, or a thousand years before with Solomon, four hundred years before that with Moses, or six hundred before with Abraham, or back to the time of the Flood of Noah? 

    How far back to teach the bible as real history will certainly be their dilemma, but a great opportunity to legally (not in a science class) and legitimately teach young earth creationism as the basis for great men of history having believed the bible, rather than falling for darwinism, and the reasons that darwinism is still greatly in question (if not already jettisoned to the junkheap of failed theories), teaching material such as from this blogsite under the various categories, showing that the genesis timeline actually in fact better comports with the evidence than the darwinian model, but not in a science class of course!

    Sarah Palin has stated she’d like to see both darwinism and creation science taught in the classrooms, in science classes, but that would entail the Supreme Court changing it’s mind on the matter, so in the meantime, I’m sure she’ll certainly advocate the continuance and spread of the teaching of the bible in elective courses in our public high schools, to prepare them for college, learning the bible as real history, but how far back?  Let ’em see the reasons to believe all of it, the reasons half of America believes the holy bible as it’s written, by eyewitnesses of the events actually, except the six days of creation, explained in article # 13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com.

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