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    Early Race Bias by Frisians Said Progeny of Lyda and Finda Unruly While People of Frya’s Land Not

    In the ancient frisian book Oera Linda, mother Irtha (earth) gave birth to three daughters who bore three lineages of humanity, Lyda (blacks), Finda (yellows), and Frya (whites), the first two said to have been unruly, while in Frya’s land, Freslond, Friesland (Netherlands), the people obeyed fair and well-thought-out laws. Actually of course the “races” selected naturally during the Ice Age in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood, no discernible “races” before the Flood, the global flood which was conflated in the book Oera Linda with their flooded Atland but consumed by the sea really because of the end of the Ice Age, confirmed by limited extent of the rise of the sea in the story.


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