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    First Record of Syria Label Not Until the 8th Century B. C. Called Suriyah Surai Tyre Tsour Present Day

    Of course the name Assyria (upper Mesopotamia) was known since the progeny of Ashur (a son of Shem) began calling it that circa 2200 b. c., but the name Syria was not commonly used for the region of the Levant (west from upper Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean) until the the 8th century b. c., the earliest notation (a luwian/phoenician bilingual inscription) calling it Surai, because the island of Tyre (Suriyah) meaning big rock (tsur) in Hebrew was a perhaps sparsely inhabited coastal mountain which became a big nearshore island when the Ice Age had ended circa 1400 b. c., submerged ruins up and down the coast to prove it.


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