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    Navigators of Canaan Land Sailed South Up Pelusiac Distributary of Nile to Wadi Tumilat to Red Sea

    During the Ice Age, the Nile river flowed dozens of feet deeper for five distributaries in the delta (not two) emptied into the Mediterranean, the furthest east the Pelusiac distributary which emptied east of where today is the Suez Canal, so up that distributary sailed and rowed the Canaanites with cedar logs for royal Egypt, and some of the ships having jagged east off the Pelusiac down the ice age Wadi Tumilat distributary to where today are the Bitter Lakes of the Sinai then down to the Red Sea and beyond to such as the ice age Indus Valley Civilization founded by Canaan’s brother Kush, the submerged ice age port Kushasthali and the Hindu Kush mountains proof of that.


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