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    At Ice Age River Mouths of Tarsus & Orontes Should Be Submerged Stone Ruins Like Others in Region

    Submerged near the ice age mouths of several rivers along the coast of the Levant are stone ruins, while to the north near the northeastern corner of the Mediterranean are two rivers which certainly were conduits of commerce too, the Orontes and the Tarsus, at the ice age mouths of which should be submerged stone ruins too, submerged since circa 1400 b. c. when happened the flood of at the time of Ogyges and Atlantis, the end of the Ice Age. At the mouth of the Orontes is Arvad island, named for the Arvadites who were progeny of Canaan, so off the island should be their ice age ruins, and Tarshish a son of Javan mined the Taurus mountains down from which flows the Tarsus river, so surely at the mouth of that river are his ruins.


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