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    Easter Island’s First Settlers of Hotu Matua Displaced from Hiva Land End of Ice Age Now Marquesas

    The people of Easter Island have ancestral recollection of the man Hotu Matua who first settled there, come from Hiva land, much of which was consumed when the Ice Age ended (circa 1500 b. c.), what remain the Marquesas islands (among which are Nuku Hiva, Hiva Oa, and Latu Hiva). RongoRongo, the undecifered written language of Easter Island (Rapanui) used signs fully one third of which are essentially identical to the signs of the Indus Valley Script, so it appears the mariners from the ice age Indus Valley Civilization had first settle “Hiva land,” and then on to Rapanui when the Ice Age ended.


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