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    Mysterious Moai of Easter Island Built in Megalithic Age of Transoceanic Navigators the Time of Moses

    Mainstream archaeologists almost can’t accept that a third of the RongoRongo script signs of Easter Island are essentially identical to those of the Indus Valley Civilization, 13,000 miles away across the Pacific then on to the western coast of India, accepting the likeness of the two scripts nevertheless for its obviousness, though saying that the script and the megalithic moai (head statues) of Easter Island weren’t built until after the time of Christ. Yet they know that the Indus Vally Civilization’s script symbols fell into disuse beginning circa 1400 b. c. (when the Ice Age had ended), to be replaced by a the semitic alphabet, and that Hotu Matua had brought the script to Rapanui (Easter Island) from Hiva Land (ice age Marquesas), having departed because of the sea level risen with the end of the Ice Age.


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