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    Let’s get ready to rumble!  Author and politician Sarah Palin will appear on Oprah’s tv show Nov. 16, 2009 (a Monday), so certainly mark your calendars, it no doubt will be a fascinating encounter for all to see, with the ostensibly almost-all-powerful Oprah, who for Mr. Obama shunned interviewing Palin during the campaign, fearing her charisma and the knowledge base which she already had achieved to trounce Slow Joe Biden in their only debate, now set to sit before the Oprah for all the world to see, it will be marvelous!

    Sarah will be hawking her already runaway bestseller Going Rogue An American Life on the show, which surely will garner record-setting ratings numbers for the Oprah’s machine, as the ever aggressive “Sarah Baracuda” will be be using Oprah like a rented mule, to espouse her beliefs, political philosophy, and plans for our country if elected president, using the platform of Oprah’s huge viewing audience, many of whom will be very interested to sincerely listen to what Sarah has to say, about school choice for instance, and enforced borders, and drill here drill now for energy independence, all good for a strong America, which even Oprah may be forced to admit under Sarah Palin’s charismatic persuasion. 

    I’m guessing Oprah will try to prod the christian Palin about her belief in the clear reportage about the history of the earth and universe recorded in the biblical book of Genesis, perhaps asking about her belief that dinosaurs, traditionally known as dragons, and humans, lived at the same time, after the Flood, when all Oprah needs to do is refer to chapter one of the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, to see that many ancient writers thought it was so, and google Dino Soft Tissue Fossils, to see that the sedimentary layers in which those “dinosaurs” were entombed were laid down not too long ago, as the bible indicates.

    And that discussion of the veracity of the bible could lead into the fact that Islam embraces Isa (Jesus) as an historical figure, not resurrected ‘though, so strangely, who will ostensibly return as a human again, returning to join with the islamic Mahdi, ostensibly Jesus allied with Islam to destroy Christianity and Judaism, making it obvious that somebody’s wrong here.  Considering nothing in the bible has been found historically inaccurate, the version about Jesus which is wrong becomes quite clear to those who study these historical and prophetic issues, another great reason why we need more comparative religion courses taught in our schools, to get the stories straight.

    See http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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