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    Why Israel was Named Palestine Who Labeled Holy Land Palestine Rather than Israel by Alexander the Great Ancient Bronze Age Canaan Land Dispute What Happened to Where are Canaanites Today?

    Are you a Canaanite?  If you are, you may be able to lay claim to the Holy Land, provided you don’t believe Canaan was cursed by God as stated in the bible, so if you don’t believe the bible, then the next step would be to organize, perhaps the Canaanite Liberation Organization, in lieu of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, because the Philistines (the namesake of Palestine), who sailed to settle the Levant circa 1300 B.C., never controlled the Holy Land, having thrived only along the southern coast where now is the Gaza Strip, the Philistine homeland, nothing more historically, with the Philistines having disappeared from the pages of history circa 700 B.C., while the people of Israel continued on, millions of their descendants now back in that land today, having been dispersed for 2,000 years, what are the odds?

    Joshua had led the hebrew tribes into Canaan, the Holy Land, circa 1400 B.C., from the east, after Moses led the Exodus of the hebrew people out of Egypt toward that Promised Land, which was promised to the Jews, unless you don’t believe the Bible, if then (eschewing God’s curse of Canaan) you think that you’re a Canaanite, then you actually have a legitimate claim to the Holy Land, because your ancestors were there first, all archaeologists acknowledge that, so is it time at long last for the  Canaanite Liberation Organization?  Probably not, after all, have you ever heard someone claim they’re of canaanite ancestry?  I never have, as the closest anyone has come to that is some Lebanese people saying they’re of Phoenician ancestry, who were in fact Canaanites, but those phoenician Lebanese now from Tyre and Sidon aren’t claiming the Holy Land either.

    The canaanite Jebusites first built a citadel where now stands Jerusalem, with King David and Solomon later using the stones from that fortress for their buildings, but who is a Jebusite?  Have you ever met a Jebusite?  I haven’t, and doubt that any of us ever will, after all, how does one prove he/she is supposedly of Jebusite ancestry dating back over 3,000 years?  So considering that Alexander the Great (circa 300 B.C.), obviously out of spite and derision, had named Israel Palestine, 400 years after the Philistines ceased to exist as a distinct people group, the Palestinian claim to the Holy Land today is clearly absurd in its proper historical context, and we shouldn’t expect the Canaanite Liberation Organization anytime soon for all these reasons and more.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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