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    Since Barack Obama is the president of the United States, don’t you suppose he could instruct the state of Hawaii to produce his long form birth certificate for all the world to see, to put to rest the “birther controversy?”  After all, the controversy only continues to erode his credibility, as almost everybody knows that the colb, the certificate of live birth, copies of which have been waived around by wildeyed progressives, can be phoned in, without the hospital and doctor of record, as may well have been the case with Obama.

    What does Obama have to hide?  He’s hiding something, otherwise, he would long ago have settled the issue, but when you google Frank Marshall Davis Obama, you’ll see an apparently obvious genetic connection, much greater affinity than to Barack Sr., who really looks nothing like Barack Jr. at all, so this could be the problem for the presdient, lying about his paternity, the son of a famous black liberation communist with Chicago connections (can you say Saul Alinsky?), it’s such a small world, rendered plausible by that “Frank” was a longtime friend of the family, noted by Obama in his book Dreams of My Father.

    Obama’s days in the White House may certainly be numbered, with legislation for official proof of birth for presidential candidates poised to be enacted if the Republicans take effective control of Congress in 2010, which is not out of the question, as Gallup now says 40% of Americans claim to be conservative, while only 20% claim to be liberal, which would mean landslide victories for the Republicans in 2010, if only they will put up candidates who support populist ideas, such as school choice, low taxes, secure borders, strong alliance with Israel, and drill here drill now, all supported by Sarah Palin, who is licking her chops at the prospect of debating these issues with perhaps Hillary Clinton during the general election campaign for president in 2012.

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