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    Sarah Palin on Facebook said that this morning, Saturday, Oct. 31, John Boehner has a real “game changer” announcement of plans by the Republicans for healthcare, however, it turns out he mentions the big three key components of a wisely constructed healthcare plan which conservatives have been touting for months now already, proposing much needed malpractice insurance litigation reform, unfettered interstate competition for the insurance companies, and pooling of individual policyholders for greater leverage in negotiations with the insurance companies, which are all great ideas, certainly which would help lower insurance costs for Americans, but the real crux of the issue is how to cover the remaining millions who still wouldn’t buy health insurance. 

    Obama wants to insure the tens of millions of illegal aliens in America pursuing his stated goal of full amnesty citizenship for the border jumpers who (on a net basis) are sapping our system, sometimes working in cohoots with unscrupulous u. s. employers, but often just living off the system, with millions filling our prisons too, so illegal immigration certainly must be wisely controlled for successful reform of our healthcare system, unless of course, you want to help insure half of Mexico, which is Obama’s unfortunate desire.

    Eighty percent of Americans want illegal immigration controlled, as too they certainly don’t want to insure those illegal visitors, so Palin and Boehner should state the obvious, that healthcare reform is a joke without immigration reform.  And when we’ve regained control of our borders, federal income tax credits for donations to charity hospitals should be allowed for a few years, to fund the refurbishment of old, and build new, charity hospitals, to provide good medical service for low income Americans who still wouldn’t have the money or the desire to buy health insurance, despite the lower premiums which would follow interstate competition, tort reform, and pooling of individual premium purchasers for collective bargaining leverage.

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