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    Crafty left wing media talking heads have been saying that there’s a divide in the Republican party threatening its future viability as a national political force, but with left wing republican candidate Dede Scozzafava dropping out of New York’s District 23 race today, the candidate representing patriotic populism, Conservative party candidate Dan Hoffman, will hammer the Democrat in the special election on Tuesday, with Hoffman having been endorsed by Sarah Palin, adding fuel to the fire of her campaign engine for the 2012 presidency, as the Republican elites, such as Michael Steele, have agreed to throw their support behind the upstart Hoffman in the election, apparently now finally hearing what the public is trying to say to the leadership in Washington D.C. 

    The Obamabots in the left wing media will say that Scozzafava’s failure in the race shows weakness in the Republican party, but since the Republican elites may now have finally smelled the coffee, having endorsed Hoffman, we can look for more patriotic populists to emerge on the Republican ticket in the congressional races for 2012, espousing school choice, responsible yet minimal government regulation, secure borders, strong national defense, and (of course) freedom of speech on the airwaves and internet, all solutions supported by the vast majority of Americans, as Sarah Palin well knows, set to appear on the Oprah Show, Nov. 16, which should really be something to see, so be sure to check-it-out, must see tv, much to the chagrin of the odd ones, David Letterman and Bill Maher, who will probably have nightmares about this for months, then perhaps to come to their senses, as millions of Obamabots continue to come out of the trance.

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