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    In her runaway bestseller, Going Rogue, Sarah Palin reconfirms her controversial yet popular belief in the biblical creation account and the history thereafter in the book of Genesis, citing a campaign meeting with Team McCain’s strategist Steve Schmidt, where he had asked her if she believes in evolution, to which Palin replied that she believes some of it, that God created species which adapt through natural selection, really an ignorant response however, not in the respect that she’s wrong with the basic notion that the biblical kinds of animals naturally selected into wide varieties after the biblical flood, but considering Darwin’s term species is actually meaningless, so Mrs. Palin should have rightly said that biblical kinds of animals are syngameons of animals, the breeding groups from which wide genetic varieties naturally selected within their respective gene pools.

    Palin could be an effective biblical educator to the world if she would only use her platform, already indicating she’s prepared to stand by her biblical belief in the Genesis account about the creation of the biblical kinds of animals, to teach that the modern biological term for biblical kinds is syngameons of animals, not species (as she ignorantly indicates in her book), a simple change of phraseology to scientifically legitimatize the biblical account which she obviously believes, as does over half of America.

    After the number of interbreeding species (for instance lions and leopards) are reduced to their groups of hybridizing potential, known as syngameons in the parlance of modern biology, the number of biblical kinds, what Palin ignorantly calls species, is reduced to about twenty thousand, easily having fit into the volume of Noah’s Ark noted in the Genesis account, rendering Palin’s belief plausible, even to “progressive” ears, if she can correct the nomenclature which she uses in the presentation of her generally correct understanding of ancient biological history as presented in the Bible and born out by solid genetic science.

    When it’s understood that Darwin’s term species is meaningless, his theory falls like a house of cards, gold for Sarah Palin, if only she will learn to argue the case in a scientifically meaningful way, which makes the darwinists look like fools, most of them merely duped I suppose, but many hide from the evidence, as if afraid to admit that the Bible does make alot of sense, as that would delegitimatize their years of education in our hallowed halls of higher learning soaking in all the darwinian dogma, where they teach that the Bible is almost all mythology, as if they have their heads in the sand.

    Imagine candidate Sarah Palin on Meet the Press with David Gregory asking her why she refuses to believe in the darwinian evolution commonly accepted by some of our best and brightest, to which Palin would respond asking David if he’s aware that Charles Darwin’s term species is meaningless, schooling Gregory and the global audience that syngameons (biblical kinds) is the operative term for breeding groups, not species, causing Darwin’s theory to collapse down upon its underpinning, that the term species has genetic meaning, which it clearly does not, leaving the Genesis account really the only game in town, with many other reasons to believe it, explained in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, so check-it-out, and learn in chapter one that Palin’s biblical belief that dragons and humans lived contemporaneously is really not so far fetched.

    And be sure to see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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