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    Probable republican presidential candidate Sarah Palin, an outspoken advocate for the history recorded in the book of Genesis (see article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com), writes in her book Going Rogue that when McCain’s presidential campaign adviser Steve Schmidt asked her if she really thinks science has not fully proven evolution, she responded saying she believes parts of it, that natural selection has indeed occurred, on a limited basis; because fish did not morph into reptiles, then monkeys, then humans, as the darwinists opine, without any real evidence at all (their dirty little not-so-secret), but as Palin knows, adaptation and genetic drift by natural selection has occurred within breeding groups, what she however mistakenly but probably ignorantly calls species, while the actually operative genetic term is syngameons, groupings of animals which have hybridizing potential, such as the syngameon including camels, alpacas, and llamas, and the syngameon including a huge array of “species” of cats, or many types of horses, syngameons being analogous to the biblical kinds of animals indicated in the book of Genesis, confirmed by modern genetic science, much to the chagrin of the darwinists.

    Darwinists such as snarky republican campaign strategist Steve Schmidt try to play a semantic trick on unsuspecting and uninformed christian creationists by implying that they don’t believe in evolution, which Palin effectively rebutted in saying she believes parts of it, but to really turn the tables on the sneaky darwinists, one must point-out that the term species (which Palin mistakenly used for syngameons) is scientifically meaningless, because members of differing species, such as many species of turtles, can interbreed, just one syngameon of the tens of thousands of biblical kinds of animals (known scientifically as syngameons) which boarded on Noah’s Ark, the flood on which it floated having covered the earth, then the mountains ranges uplifted at the close of the flood, explained in chapter nine of the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!

    So if a darwinist says you’re nuts because you don’t believe in evolution, tell him/her that you do believe in parts of it, as Palin said, but then go on to explain that natural selection occurs only within syngameons, limited genetic pools, such as the syngameon which includes the various “species” of the elephants, or that of dogs, or cattle, and many “species” of birds which can interbreed, by hybridization within the respective syngameons, the biblical kinds of animals indicated in the book of Genesis.  

    To assist Sarah Palin in what will surely be a withering barage of attacks by the left wing media against her biblical beliefs, most intensely against her supposedly ill-founded belief that the book of Genesis is accurate history, I hope those who have access to Mrs. Palin will apprise her of this nuance of phraseology which will turn the tables for her on the skeptics who will be bearing down on her, enabling her to go on the offensive, asking them if they happen to know what’s a syngameon, then asking them if they know that Darwin’s term species is genetically meaningless, which would probably cause them to go to a new line of questioning, where then Palin could request that they go back to finish the discussion about the irrelevance of darwinism and the veracity of Genesis.

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