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    Red hot Sarah Palin must gird herself to confront the barrage of questioning sure to come her way from the rabidly frothing darwinists of the left wing media concerned about her christian belief that biblical history, including the book of Genesis, is truly accurate history, thus a golden opportunity for the populist hero to school the skeptics on the science of the Bible, achievable after a few tweaks of her message, such as her mistaken notion that the many created biblical kinds of animals were “species” of animals (wrongly using Darwin’s term), which actually is scientifically meaningless, that’s right you bible skeptics, it’s meaningless, because members of differing so-called species can interbreed, lions and tigers for instance, the offspring called ligers, proving that they came from a common ancestor pair, certainly of the same syngameon, one of the biblical kinds of animals which survived the flood on Noah’s Ark.  

    And what of Noah’s Flood?  The crazed left wing bible-bashers of the mainstream media will surely hound Mrs. Palin about that very important portion of the Genesis account, truly a milestone event in biblical history, describing the catastrophism of the global flood, so where is the physcial evidence?  It’s right under your feet!  When you realize the mountain chains of the world uplifted at the close of the global flood (the flood did not cover the current mountain ranges), after the eroded debris of the pre-flood world had been deposited in vast sedimentary layers on the continents, entombing billions of creatures (99% marine creatures) and vast vegetative mats (to have become coal), it’s plain to see that the darwinists’ uniformitarian model for geologic formations, that catastrophism has not played the major role for the sedimentary deposits in the geologic column, is obviously ridiculous, so go on the offensive Sarah Palin, tell them that the mountains rose at the close of the flood, as it was, eliminating that strawman argument once and for all.

    Sarah Palin can school the liberal press on the science of Genesis, with more information about it such as in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, so avail yourself, and know that Darwin’s term species is meaningless, so why bother with his theory at all?  As Sarah Palin says, “I don’t think fish grew legs and crawled out of the water,” indicating too that the creator God formed the “species” which later adapted by natural selection in our post-Flood world (when the Ice Age occurred), but she needs to use the genetically meaningful term syngameon, groups of “species” of animals which can hybridize, good science, not what the darwinsts will be eager to hear, but that’s academic freedom, don’t they know?  And to see that the geologic column, with billions of creatures entombed therein, is as proponed by young earth creationists, then be sure to checkout the excellent work by Sean Pitman at http://DetectingDesign.com/fossilrecord.html.

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