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    Skeptic Marc Morano Reports Unnamed Computer Hacker Climate Depot Exposes Global Warming Change Fraud Cooked Books UK’s Climate Research Unit International Cap and Tax Agreement Experts Clearing House East Anglia England Anonamous Hero Computer Hacker Hijacks Emails Global Warming Scientific Community Collusion Conspiracy Worldwide Temperatue Data Alterations UN Scientists

    The UK’s now infamous Climatic Research Unit in East Anglia, England, has confirmed that the thousand or so emails claimed to have been hacked from their computers by an unnamed hacker are in fact emails amongst many of the scientists in their global network of climatologists who have altered global warming stats for their political goal of a global warming treaty in Copenhagen next month, so you can kiss that baby goodbye, and good riddance, leaving the Brits and the scientists even loosely involved all over the world to explain how they could have let such a thing happen, was there no oversight?  Apparently not, as the fix was almost in, ’til now, thanks to the still anonamous hacker, news of whom is spreading fast in America, where Obama is already meeting the public hand of resistance to his socialist plans, certainly and dramatically sinking in the polls.

    Marc Morano, activist skeptic of the global warming hype, has been my source for the story at http://ClimateDepot.com, so stay up with the story there, and read some of the emails, they are real gassers (no pun intended).  Those big science hucksters were cooking the books for the global warming alarmists who seek to destroy America, with a very willing accomplice in B. Hussein Obama, claiming to be able to change the weather with our help, when all they need to do is correct those unfortunately cooked books over in East Anglia!

    The only global warming of the atmosphere which occurs is by sporadic increases through time of solar output, not by such as excessive animal farts opined by the greenhouse gas people like the folks at the UK’s Climatic Research Unit.  So what caused the Ice Age indicated by the scientific evidence and actually in ancient literature, was solar output significantly decreased at that time for the climatology of the Ice Age as mainstream scientists insist? 

    If global cooling did cause the Ice Age, the polar regions would have been even colder than today, but the huge ice age animals buried in the tundra of the far north are entombed with the rich vegetation from that time when they fed in lush pastures and forests now buried in the frozen tundra, so it was actually warmer there during the Ice Age, paradoxically, but obviously, and dense cloudcover was the cause, because of the much warmer nearby ocean at that time, having been heated from below, by the biblical “fountains of the great deep,” explained in chapter nine of the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!

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