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    The next time brainwashed darwinists laugh at your belief in the biblical account of Noah’s Flood (giddy that such a flood could not have covered the high mountain ranges), just tell them that the mountain ranges of the world rose at the close of the global flood described in the Bible, because of continental crustal plate collisions (which for instance crumpled flood sedimentary strata to have formed the Himalayas), by igneous extrusions (such as the pillow basalts of the Mountains of Ararat), by oceanic plates which rapidly subducted under continental plates, having heated at depth, to become molten, and rise as plutonic uplifts (such as to form the Andes), and those continental mountain ranges having all been buoyed up as a whole because of huge volumes of magma which shifted under the continents when the ocean basins sank at the end of the flood year to receive the water which had covered the earth, obvious from the geology when you analyze it.

    The thickness of the crust of the earth, relative to the thickness of the mantle with the core, is like the thickness of the skin on an apple, or like one foot of a three hundred foot ball field, very thin, obviously quite subject to disturbances of the mantle below, so of course when the fountains of the deep which began Noah’s Flood began to burst forth (through what now are the midoceanic rift zone ridges), a great worldwide tectonic disturbance was then set off, catastrophic runaway plate tectonics, when the supercontinent Pangea broke apart as the continents moved toward their present positions, all but complete within a year, when the new ocean basins sank, because the new hot lava seafloor which rolled out during the runaway plate tectonics cooled, having become denser, and so, the ocean floor sank to receive the water off the still thickening continents, what the geologic record indicates when you honestly appraise it.

    Do please checkout an outstanding academic appraisal of the flood-caused sedimentary geologic column, replete with the wide variety of critters catastrophically entombed during Noah’s Flood, at Sean Pitman’s  http://DetectingDesign.com/fossilrecord.html, while you keep in mind that Darwin’s term species is actually meaningless, because the word syngameon is really the only operative term when analyzing animal breeding groups, the scientific term which just happens to be synonymous with the kinds, or syngameons, of animals in the book of Genesis.  And to further get a picture of the dynamics during the flood year, http://GlobalFlood.org is well worth inspection, where you can even learn that diamonds and oil, supposedly millions of years old, carbon 14 date only in the thousands of years of age, much to the embarassment of the darwinists and those who think they speak truth regarding our ancient origins.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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