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    When the Black Sea in western Asia was joined to the world ocean is much debated in mainstream academic circles, some saying circa 10000 B.C., when they say the Ice Age ended, and others saying circa 5000 B.C., five thousand years after the world ocean had risen, because of the end of the Ice Age, with the risen ocean finally having broken through to pour into the Black Sea basin, connecting it to the Aegean Sea (world ocean), while biblical young earth creationists, such as christian apologist, evangelist, and collaborator of mine, ex soviet scientist Sergei Golovin of http://scienceandapologetics.org (click on English version at far right of tool bar there), have analyzed the evidence, seeing that the legendary greek Flood of Ogyges, which consumed much of Greece, and the flood from the time of the greek Dardanus too, are one and the same, when the world ocean rose to infill the Black Sea basin circa 1500 B.C., the timeframe that the dramatic biblical Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt coincidentally occurred.

    This flood consumed the coastline empire of Atlantis in the region of Gibraltar, and the bronze age cities of Menouthis and Heraklion, submerged at the mouth of the extinct Canopic branch of the Nile, and Yarmuta, old Sidon and Tyre, and submerged most-ancient Byblos, ruins there so attesting, off the coast of Lebanon, with submerged ruins off Greece and many other parts of the world (including the Black Sea), from when the Ice Age ended, which mainstream scientists, adhering to the darwinian timeline, are having a hard time seeing for obvious reasons.

    But former soviet scientist and young earth creationist Sergei Golovin, who helped with my documentary, Dark Secrets of the Black Sea, has made inroads with the mainstream scientific community there in what used to be the Soviet Union, speaking to professional teaching groups representing many nations from eastern Europe and western Asia, traditionally darwinists, but now willing to listen to good scientific logic, such as that the Black Sea basin was connected to the world ocean when the legendary thracian hero Dardan, the namesake of the Dardanelles Strait, which connects the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea, lived to observe some of that generally gradual (over about a hundred years) yet prodigious end-of-the-ice-age inundation of vast tracts of land worldwide, having caused great distress, when too vast swaths of land of the middle latitudes began to turn to desert, because the Ice Age cloudcover had begun to dissipate.

    Highly dedicated Sergei Golovin works with educator Georges Carillet of Teaching Ministries International in the U. S., coordinating giving to help Sergei’s Science and Apologetic’s ministry (see the link above), based in the Crimea (named after the Cimmerians), on the north shore of the Black Sea, the submerged shoreline from Ice Age times of which has been called by russian scientists the Cimmerian Shoreline, perhaps unknowingly indicating that the Ice Age ended much later than we’re being told by the vast majority of scientists, so if you’d like to help this venture of academic freedom in the old Soviet Union, then contact Sergei for more information at president@scienceandapologetics.org, or Georges Carillet of TMI at georgeos.carillet@gmail.com, mailing checks please in the United States to:  Teaching Ministries International:  PO Box 1483:  Snellville, Georgia, 30078-1483, it’s an excellent ministry, purveying intellectual honesty in the process.

    See too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, great stuff.

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