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    American president Barack Hussein Obama, speaking today at the fantastically farcical Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, said (with fierce blizzard conditions outdoors) that anthropogenic (manmade) global warming climate change is good science, not to be questioned, almost predictably failing to mention the Climategate scandal throughout his speech, as if he hasn’t even heard about it; such audacity, childishly hopeful for sure. 

    Now being reported is that UN climate change data from Russia, a huge landmass, was cherry-picked, with selected data sets greatly skewed to urban temperature reading sites, always warmer than readings from the countryside, which I guess may be what they mean by anthropogenic global warming, body heat and fireplaces?  Obama said in his speech today, from frigid snowbound Copenhagen, that we are faced with an “increased acceleration of the climate change phenonema,” so what does he mean, we should stop being warm in winter, and maybe not drive because the engines get warm?

    When the fraudulent global warming data is thrown out, no global warming has actually occurred during the last decade, while manmade “greenhouse gasses” have increased, proving that increased belching, farting, breathing, staying warm, driving warm cars, and eating hot food, do not cause the planet a fever.

    With half the world now aware of the Climategate scandal, and Obama having stood up there in Copenhagen, addressing the world, as if nothing happened, it was like there was a gigantic bug on his nose which he expected the crowd not to notice, really quite pathetic, as Obama then trudged out into the snow to fly away back to America, where the reception will be chilly for sure, as most Americans never took seriously the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s outlandish statement a few months ago that we only have a few months to save the planet, while the Asians mush on unabated, clearly a ruse.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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