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    The Word of God includes a clear record of ancient history which is generally antithetical to the material taught in our public schools, where (ignoring the Table of Nations in Genesis 10) they teach that languages and writing scripts evolved independently, as if Canaan and Kush were not sons of Ham, and Asshur and Elam were not sons of Shem, clear in the archaeological and linguistic record, but eschewed by the darwinists because it bursts their bubbles, yet the truth rings out loud and clear, as they continue to ignore the obvious evidence, the inerrant template.

    Joe Kovacs, executive news editor at http://WorldnetDaily.com, has a great book out, Shocked by the Bible, in which he methodically rectifies many misconceptions about what is actually written in the Bible, such as that in Genesis, it does not say that Noah’s Ark landed on Mount Ararat, but “on the Mountains of Ararat,” a stark and remote region of volcanic mountains where Turkey and Iran meet, so Noah’s Ark is not necessarily on Mount Ararat proper, one mountain of those formed as “pillow basalt” igneous intrusions into water, the floodwater of Noah’s Flood, which slid off of the continents into the deepening ocean basins as the mountains rose closing the runaway plate tectonics of the flood year; solid geology, but scary to the darwinists, as so is the Table of Nations to those who would love that the Bible be proven false, a tall order for sure.

    Since biblically based deductions in science and ancient history are demonstrably valid, or at least surely worthy of investigation, is it not shameful that the biblical model corroborated by many non hebrew ancient histories not be treated a viable alternative to the darwinian model, and so, should be taught in comparative literature and religion classes or some sort of theoretical science class?  Should not the darwinists be chomping at their bits with this opportunity to expose any supposed weaknesses in the biblical model?  They mock and rage against the Bible, but they are afraid to debate, so what does that tell you?

    And because we (christians) are to preach the Good News to the Jew first and then to the Gentile, it’s good that Kovacs corrects the common misconception that God has no eternal son, for in Genesis it says “Let Us make man in Our image,” more than one, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the wondrous spirit which enters each born again believer, many thousands of whom in Jerusalem became born again in the decades after the resurrection of the savior Jesus Christ, the Word, who became flesh to dwell amoung us, Emanuel, the Lamb of God, slain before the foundation of the world, of God’s plan to redeem all of humanity who will accept God’s sacrifice for them, such a gift.

    With born-again christian Sarah Palin now breathing down the neck of Barack Hussein Obama, the White House in her sights no doubt, perhaps fairly soon intellectual honesty concerning the Bible will be commonplace in our institutions of learning, a righteous nightmare for the darwinists of the “progressive” left, but what do they have to fear, don’t they mock the Bible and those who believe it, and so should welcome the opportunity for comparative analysis of the two models?  Wouldn’t that be fun?

    So certainly see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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