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    The patriotic populist darling going rogue, Sarah Palin, sometime down the road, will really be grilled about her belief in the biblical account of creation and the history thereafter recorded in the book of Genesis, so how should she respond?  Will she say that phase of her life is over, that she’s changed her belief about the history of the earth, or will she come out with “guns blazing,” fighting fire with fire, bringing misery on her questioners with quick and cogent responses of great scientific merit?  The following seven talking points will shut up any mocking about your belief in the history recorded in Genesis, where it’s a little known fact that all but the six days of creation were recorded by eyewitnesses (see article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com):

    1)  The distant stars are not billions of years old, because of gravitational time dilation during the creation week, for if big bang theorists would rightly admit that an expanded universe (from its beginning point) necessitates its outer boundary, then according to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, the speed of light was greatly accelerated during the creation week, a “white hole,” the opposite of a black hole, so those stars are not billions of years old.

    2)  The radioisotope dates of rocks are predicated on unknowable presuppositions, presuming to know the initial chemical state of the rock when it formed, that the rate of radioactive decay has not changed through time, and that the rock has not been altered by chemical processes.  Did you know that the Mount St. Helen’s eruption of 1980 was dated two millions years by radioisotope dating, and they call that good science?

    3)  Noah’s Flood did not cover the mountain ranges of our present world because those mountains rose at the close of the flood, when the water slid off the thickening and isostatically and tectonically risen continents into the ocean basins which were deepening at the close of the flood, a real flood, global in nature, so attested by over six hundred ancient tribal legends, handed down by the progeny of the eight on the Ark.  Ever heard of Manu and the seven rishis?

    4)  Then how did Noah fit to save all those millions of “species” of animals on the Ark?  Well actually, he didn’t, however, he did fit about twenty thousand biblical kinds (syngameons) of animals onboard which naturally selected upon release to become the millions of “species” in the world today, rendering meaningless the term species, yet the Brits have put their money on Darwin, or at least, Darwin on their money.

    5)  And believe this too, only a warmer ocean could have caused the dense cloudcover for the Ice Age.  Think about it, how do you get all that moisture into the atmosphere but by much greater evaporation off the ocean?  According to hydrology 101, that is the only mechanism to have caused the Ice Age, so guess what caused the ocean to have been warmer for all that cloudcover? 

    6)  Submerged megalithic bronze age ruins discovered at hundreds of locations around the world, such as the underwater ruins of Yarmuta, Atlit Yam, Heraklion, and Yonaguni, prove that the Ice Age ended much later than we are being told, which is why mainstream scientists avoid the discussion of these submerged ruins like the plague.  We should be studying these enigmatic ruins in our public schools, for the sake of intellectual honesty, right?

    7)  The intelligent design of the universe is very evident in the method which enabled the ancients to measure the earth by its wobble rate, 72 years/degree (not virgins), this methodology actually the forerunner of our modern nautical mile mapping system, the geometry of which is explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, proof the the ancient cubit and foot units of length were subdivisions of the radius length of the earth, only because God made the earth’s wobble rate just so, benevolently, so the ancients could sail all over the world.

    And look at this http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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