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    One big objection of the world’s christophobes to the Word of God (Jesus Christ) is that if the God of the Bible is so loving, then why does he allow all the pain which has been ongoing in the world for millions of years?  Of course ‘though since God never indicates the world is anywhere near that old, the christophobes’ point assumes the darwinian timeline, anathema to the Word of God in the first place, obvious if you read the book of Genesis, so with God saying in his book that the earth and universe were created about 6,000 years ago, the horrible pain experienced in this world has not been long, with God’s clear plan, from beginning to end, now laid out in the Old and New Testaments, full of hope and promise of rest, his plan for the eventual total bliss and fulfilment to all who have or will believe on the Messiah, one of Elohim, Jesus Christ, having come to earth to die for fallen humans who will accept his payment on the cross for their sins, the nature of which we’ve inherited from Adam and Eve, because of their trangression to which surely we too would have succumbed in the same circumstance.

    So here we are at the end of the biblical six thousand years of creation, with all but Christ’s return and the events of Revelation yet to be fulfilled according to biblical prophecy, with the Jews now having controlled Jerusalem for a generation, a timeframe within which much will soon occur, so that pain and death will not go on forever, certainly not millions or billions of years as the darwinists say has been ongoing, why obviously we young earth creationists, espousing what the book of Genesis says (not what the darwinists say it should or really is saying), are puzzled that many more christian preachers of the Good News don’t stress this point, that God does love the world enough, ‘though mysterioulsy having allowed pain and suffering now for six millennia, to have sent his Son to die, then resurrect, the hope for those who would believe in what the Bible now clearly says for all of us to read, and experience, salvation for many of us in this fallen world, who have asked God to spiritually adopt them, to be born again, by the Spirit, the second birth.

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