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    Al Gore’s Record Cold Blast Arctic Front Freezes America Global Warming Climategate Scandal Hype Contradicted Sarah Palin Global Flood Model Young Earth Creationism Ice Age Civilizations Indepedence I Culture Greenland Arctic Ocean Coast Record Temperature Lows United States Unlike Pleistocene Hydrologic Regime Biblical Climatology

    People are laughing that the cold arctic blast hitting America hard this week feels more like another Ice Age than global warming freak and entrepreneur Al Gore’s obsession that we are heating up the earth, ironically however, during the Ice Age, the Arctic ocean was not choked with polar ice as it is today, but was open sea with surf beating the shorelines (just google Independence I Culture Arctic Ocean), the polar ocean was paradoxically warmer, which enabled vast wandering herds of herbivores, mammoths and such, pursued by large carnivores, to have fed in forests and pastures which characterized the coastal bands of those far northern coasts during the Ice Age, an environment certainly not now seen in northern Greenland nor Siberia, where now barely lichen and some polar bears can survive in that blistering cold.

    I would love to see Al Gore debate global warming with Sarah Palin, the conservative populist hero armed with this simple fact of hydrology which just happens to match the biblical model, that only a warmer ocean, geothermally heated, as it was for the Ice Age, could be the engine for another Ice Age, for her then to follow up with that any global warming, which is just a manifestation of increased solar activity, would be buffered by the increased cloudcover resulting from greater evaporation off the oceans, it’s just hydrology 101, for the negative feedback mechanism to any modern global warming, and for the engine which drove the Ice Age, a biblical explanation, the “fountains of the deep” having caused the warmer ocean at the close of Noah’s Flood (and know that the mountain ranges uplifted at the close of the Flood).

    See too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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