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    Including the account of Noah’s Flood in the Bible, there are over six hundred ancient legends from around the world reporting the global deluge which consumed the antediluvial world, the Bible is not alone on this, confounding mainstream anthropologists who are reduced to rationalizing the plainly described global flood in these stories as having been just big local floods of rivers, or the end of the Ice Age sea level rise (which did in fact consume many coastal bronze ice age megalithic cities which those darwinists clearly don’t want to talk about however for timeline reasons), but almost all the ancient legends of the six hundred ancient tribes tell of the world covering flood, as hard as that must have been for all but the eyewitnesses (the eight on the Ark) to have imagined, after all, think about the hindu patriarchs having to talk about the global flood of Manu which they may have had to (if ignorant of tectonic geology) have said covered the nearby towering Himalayas?

    Yet all these ancient cultures stand by their legends of the global flood, anciently known to the Hebrews as Noah’s Flood, many still even today thinking the consequences of the ostensible veracity of the flood story would be that the water must have covered the high mountain ranges of the world, obviously rendering the whole flood story implausible at face value (as I’m sure it’s struck many through the millennia), but with the tectonism and volcanism mentioned in many of the flood legends, there’s the clue, runaway plate tectonics during the flood year, which caused the upthrust of the mountain chains, many of them composed of flood layed sedimentary strata, at the close of the legendary flood, very evident in the geology, and so, certainly supportable in debate (see the free ebook download of my first book Old Earth? Why Not!)

    Rather than admit the plausibility of the very diagnostic global flood model to interpret the geologic field data, mainstream scientists of the darwinian bent, in this case led by anthropologists and archaeologists who seek to discredit the Bible at every turn, are forced to effectively call the most ancient ancestors of the six hundred tribes liars (including the Hebrews), making a mockery of their promise to take seriously the ancient legends of the world when scientifically plausible, unless of course, if it confirms the blblical account, they just can’t have that, rendering their purported intellectual honesty just a crazy hoax, but the curtain is being pulled away, for debate we shall hope, perhaps on Bill Maher’s show or perhaps with Keith Olbermann, that would be great, he went to an Ivy League school too.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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