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    Truly informed christophobes, purportedly skeptics of the Bible, particularly of the Genesis account, often disingenuously ask why christians even bother trying to defend that which is said to be indefensible, but in my use of the phrase “truly informed” for their state, while but they mock the Bible, I mean for instance that they know fully well that there is no good solution for the cause of the Ice Age according to their model, but the biblical model does provide the answer, a geothermally heated so warmer ocean, it’s just hydrology 101, yet the skeptics stand mute, unwilling to admit the scientifically obvious, because the template is biblical.

    And with many truly fascinating, yet mostly ignored, submerged sites of megalithic ruins found in many parts of the world, submerged since the end of the Ice Age, such as off Yonaguni, Yarmuta, and Alexandria, it’s no surprise that when you begin to discuss these with an informed skeptic, they’ll decide it’s time to go to the bathroom, or their cell phone conveniently rings, or they may even say they’d never heard of them, as informed skeptics are often want to do, going then to a mouthfull of food and talk of the Yankees or anything else but those pesky proofs of the Genesis rendering of ancient history, demonstrably true, apparent even to those truly informed skeptics (as they but choose to not talk with their mouths full of food).

    If you really want to glaze the eyes of some darwinists, ask them to define the term species, that’s always a good one.  And then ask them if they’re familiar with the term syngameons and its relevance to the evolution/creation debate to then watch them all quickly head for the restroom, or all take huge bites to chew-on at that very moment, then staring off into space, mumbling about the Yankees, or all receiving not coincidentally cell phone calls, try it, see what they say, it’s an eye-opening experience of which I hope you all partake, for the sake of intellectual honesty if nothing else, that which the darwinists farcically claim is their calling card.

    The truly informed, so disingenuous, christophobic skeptics of the Genesis account know that as the veracity of the scientific and historical template of Genesis is more widely demonstrated, resistance to the teachings and history of the Bible will continue to assuage, a nightmare for the Devil, he seeks to enslave human minds to any teachings which stand against the Bible, to deceive humankind, his sole purpose these days, so let’s talk about syngameons and how Genesis really explains it all, even that the distant stars are only thousands of years old according to Einstein’s theory of general relativity and the corrected big bang theory, another great topic for all the darwinists to take a big bite and chew on.

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