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    Democrat senate leader and Mormon, Harry Reid, as reported in the book Game Change by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, said that Barack Obama won the presidential election because he’s a light skinned negro who can speak well, who reverts to inner city lingo only when he wants, such as when speaking before mostly black groups like ACORN gatherings, so Reid effectively said that a darker colored “negro” in the same situation would not have had success among the white electorate of America, a far cry from from purported Democrat party ideals, but then again, the Republican party is the party of Lincoln, and Martin Luther King, registered as a Republican, so take that Jeremiah Wright and B. Hussein.

    The book Game Change also reports that Bill Clinton told Ted Kennedy that only a few years ago, the “light skinned negro,” now president, would have been serving them coffee on Capitol Hill in the 90’s, that’s Bill Clinton, America’s first black president (so they say), and now, with America certainly on the economic skids, thanks to Obama’s apparently deliberate attempted destruction of our small businesses, actually just “progressive” political action, black Americans (98% of whom voted for president B. Hussein) have come to their moment of truth, will they continue to support the guy with some african blood who is destroying America, or will they actually vote for a white person in order to remove the destructor from office?

    What is a race anyway?  So-called mixed is the race of Obama, and hundreds of millions around the world are “mixed,” so what’s the point?  It’s an old darwinian concept, survival of the fittest and all, by race in this case, the logical conclusion of this specious darwinian theory, obvious when you think the whole thing through, so the progressives’ darwinism in reality is what got the lilly-white guy Reid into trouble, because had he a biblical worldview, he would have known that all humans are of one syngameon, not of one so-called species (with sub-species), a meaningless term to begin with, what therefore they certainly don’t like to discuss in our hallowed halls of liberal learning, for if they did, then the students would know that the term race is a darwinian concept utilized for political division, what Reid and Clinton apparently really want with their words, so please take note black America, your country’s security is at stake, we must vote out this accolyte of Jeremiah Wright, who says that “blacks are right-brained and whites left brained,” just a loyal darwinist at work.

    I know that blacks are more than welcome at the patriotic populists’ Tea Party rallies, we crave their participation, treating them as folk heros when they do show up, knowing that they will be called Oreo or Uncle Tom for attending by many of their “race,” and but following that oreo logic, which is worse, blacks supporting clowns like Reid and Clinton who think blacks still belong at the back of the bus, coming to Capitol Hill from the ghetto to serve coffee, or blacks supporting candidates who will help get the government off our backs, allowing our american ingenuity to the fore with great new ideas for businesses which could manifest with less government regulation?  

    And imagine all the jobs which would be created  if we would aggressively tap our natural gas and oil reserves, hundreds of thousands of jobs for sure, never to be seen under the Obama administration, now hamstringing our businesses with over-regulation and uncertainty about what more is coming down the “progressive” track, such as amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens, and they think that would be good for black Americans, do you really?  See http://genesisveracityfoundation, for a true reading of ancient history.

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