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    I must confess that I’m pretty fed up with my christian brethren, particularly the vast majority of pastors in America, who feebily stand by while darwinists run roughshod over the book of Genesis, mocking and deriding it, while the pastors meekly smile saying “we’re not scientists, we have no opinion, we’re ignorant.”  So then why don’t they contact scientists who would gladly inform them of the fool-proof arguments for young earth creationism, what Jesus clearly accepts (for He is the Word) in his clear statements in the New Testament, or have they really not read the scriptures from beginning to end?

    Through much diligent research then simple deductive reasoning, whole new scientific fields of study confirming the veracity of Genesis have opened up; the submerged bronze age ruins found in hundreds of locations in many parts of the world, submerged since the end of the Ice Age, which ended therefore obviously much later than the darwinists are thus far willing to admit, and the obvious hydrology that only a warmer ocean because of Noah’s Flood (the mountains rose at the close of the flood) could have been the engine for the Ice Age, and the ancient mapping finding explained for all the world to see in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, by which the ancients harnessed the intelligent design of the earth’s wobble rate to measure and thereby map the earth, all ignored by almost all who claim to defend the faith, from beginning to end, from Genesis through Revelation, so they obviously, sadly, are asleep at the wheel.

    And since Darwin’s term species is meaningless (google syngameons biblical kinds), you’d think pastors interested in defending the integrity of scripture (which suppposedly is all of them) would jump at this opening, yet they sit there passively, probably praying nobody asks them any hard questions about Genesis, and why they don’t believe what the Word clearly says in that first book of the Bible.  So what do they think, that the biblical Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden were hairy with monkey faces and the fruit forbidden was bananas?

    I presume mine is righteous indignation, because I’m defending the book of Genesis as it’s written, as the pastors should too, not as the darwinists tell us it should really read, which essentially is what now the vast majority of pastors are going with, going along to get along, too lazy or afraid to dig deep and defend the faith, all of it, including those parts which will take a little work and tolerance of criticism and controversy, which certainly comes with defending Genesis, the way God wrote it, not how the darwinists are telling our pastors how it should read.  It flat out looks like these pastors are intimidated on many fronts, doesn’t look good.

    So I think I’ll be cutting back on my blogging, tired of so very few inquiries and expressions of interest, none from pastors, can you believe it?  I guess the vast majority of the pastors in America really do believe that the earth and universe are literally billions of years old, that sickness then death has been ongoing for hundreds of millions of years, rendering irrelevant the point that disease and death entered the world when Adam and Eve sinned, necessitating a Savior for humankind, made in Elohim’s image, for according to those pastors it’s obvious, the fittest must have been surviving for those many hundreds of millions of years, as the darwinists say, so why then did Jesus die on the cross anyway?  And if Genesis is not true, Reverend, then why believe the rest of the Bible?

    Young Earth Creationism Solutions (in ascending order of entry):

    The term race is a darwinian concept, we are of the humankind, not morphed from tree shrews or whatever. 

    If you really think about it, darwinism is racism, because humans supposedly evolved out of Africa, and Africa is mostly black.  

    Why does half the population believe the Genesis account when 95% of the population has for many decades been inculcated in darwinism?  Could it have anything to do with solid science?

    There’s no shame in being a darwinist unless you know better.

    Bitter Gregory Greenwood at http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/ says people who believe the Bible as a reliable historical account are mentally ill, but he hasn’t refuted one single point which I’ve made, so who’s mentally ill?  Poor showing old chap.

    Here at http://GlobalFlood.org is much more great information, and look at the fossils in sedimentary column at Sean Pitman’s excellent http://DetectingDesign.com/fossilrecord.html.  

    I want to thank Mr. Prank Zoology Myers for the mention of my blog at his http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/, because many thousands of biblical skeptics and mockers of the Bible now have the choice to share with others on the web my ostensibly lame and silly scientific and historical arguments, to laugh at, or will many see the logic of the biblical model putting darwinism to shame? 

    Which seems insane to you, believing the time-tested historicity of the Bible, or believing that swamp goo morphed into you ala Darwin?

    Why do the darwinists so obsess about young earth creationism which they say makes no sense?  Does that make sense? 

    If radioisotope dating of rocks is so reliable, then why are results from what were said to have been good samples routinely thrown out?  (It’s because the results don’t match the preconceived notion of how old the rock should be according to the darwinian timeline.)

    Ol’ Prank Zoology (P. Z.) Myers and Malastare are steering clear of the assertion that Darwin’s term species is meaningless, I wonder why?

    Clearly clueless Malastare thinks the Ipuwer Papyrus is from 4000 B.C.

    Is Malastare also clueless regarding when and how cities such as Kususthali, Yonaguni, Yarmuta, and Psathoura, succumbed to the sea?

    When Helen of Troy sailed to Pharos Island, no mention is made of Menouthis nor Heraklion, so Malastare, how ’bout that?

    Malastare says some statues supposedly dating to circa 200 B.C. prove that Menouthis and Heraklion went under after that, so why did Alexander go to sleepy Rhakotis rather than Menouthis and Heraklion on the egyptian coast?  And Malastare says he doesn’t know when, nor how, the cities were submerged, so he’s obviously clueless.  And why are there no references to Menouthis nor Heraklion after circa 1500 B.C., Malastare? 

    In the Bible, God says that those who observe nature, its intricacies and design, but who deny that a creator is behind it, are liars.

    Over at http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/, a mainstream archaeologist, “Malastare,” is grandly moaning that young earth creationism craps all over his meticulous years of study, so Malastare, why don’t you go to the article to which you’re refering, the Sphinx article at http://SmithsonianMag.com, and let’s see how you try to refute that which I’ve posted there, should be fun.

    The chatters at http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/ have tuned into this blogsite, predictably not trying to rebut the material but rather mocking the messenger, typical obfuscation there by the darwinists, so I ask the lead darwinist at the link, P.Z. (Prank Zoology?) Myers, why do you not know that Darwin’s term species is meaningless?  Syngameons is the operative term P.Z. and pals.

    Much to the chagrin of the leftists, the Tea Party movement may be wider and deeper than the anti Viet Nam War movement.

    As long as the big media companies refuse to insist that Obama show his long form birth certificate, they are part of the coverup.     

    Since pastors and preachers, by and large, refuse to talk about young earth creationism and its essence in the Bible, then it’s up to Christians on the internet to disseminate these compelling truths, in chat rooms, online magazine articles (such as at http://SmithsonianMag.com under the Sphinx article) in the comments sections, and in your own blog, so I hope you help me in spreading the word.

    Glenn Beck said tonight on O’Reilly’s show that Obama has released his (long form) official birth certificate, so why the controversy?  To which O’Reilly replied that it hasn’t been released, a telling moment, O’Reilly smelling the coffee perhaps, knowing that there must be a reason Team Obama is hiding the document with all the information, some of it detrimental to Obama in some way.

    I wonder if the people of Minnesota have buyers’ remorse about Al Franken?  It really is sad that they did that to themselves.

    Rush Limbaugh says the NYT’s Paul Krugman looks like a ferret, says he’ll show everybody at his website, that should be good.

    The birther controversy is really not just the fault of Obama, who mysteriously refuses to release his long form birth certificate, but also of the Democrat National Committee, which should have insisted that Obama show the long form birth certificate when questions about it, and his records in general, first came up.

    There is a sense of the very real threat to the West and Israel posed by Islam that undergirds the surging Tea Party movement, patriotic Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, who know Obama and the Progressives are soft against islamic jihad, now threatening to overwhelm Israel and with stealth infiltrate our society.

    At the National Prayer Breakfast today, the commander in chief, Barack Obama, twice pronounced corpsman corpse-man, and prayed essentially that he not be criticized anymore, oh well, God answers no to some prayers, I’d bet that one too.

    How old are the stars?  Most experts say billions of years, but ask them about the event horizon and the big bang theory to discuss the bounded nature of the universe (expanded from the big bang center), and thereby, how gravitational time dilation must have been in play during the rapid expansion and coelescence of matter, forcing those experts to explain why they contradictorilly say that the universe is boundless (actually in order to deny the physics that the stars must be only thousands of years old due to gravitational time dilation). 

    The Progressives led by Barack Obama threaten our freedom of speech, they need to understand that there are blogs, radio shows, newspapers, and tv shows, on both the left and right, as it should be in America, while Team Obama seeks to shut down all opposition.

    I guess Rupert Murdoch and his saudi partners don’t want O’Reilly and Beck to answer whether they think Barack Obama is truly incapable of producing his long form birth certificate to end the birther controversy.  And presuming Obama really was born in Hawaii (most likely true), then perhaps there’s more to the Frank Marshall Davis story than meets the eye, wouldn’t you say, Beck, O’Reilly? 

    Now Colin Powell wants gays to serve openly in the military, do you suppose that would hurt recruiting?

    Democrats must oppose Obama’s amnesty for illegal aliens to vote unless they really do want more Obama and his disastrous policies.

    Democracy threatens Islam, Christianity thrives in Democracy. 

    Israel has a new tourism ad on tv where they say “experience history back 5,000 years,” which is certainly odd, since the orthodox rabbis say the history of the earth and universe goes back just short (because of the Seder Olam Rabbah distortion) of 6,000 years, with Noah’s Flood about 4,350 years ago, so Abraham was 4,000 years ago, and Joshua led Israel to conquer Canaan about 3,400 years ago, this the real timeline of Canaan then Israel in the Holy Land, and where are the Canaanites today, the CLO? 

    British geologist and Sphinx expert Colin Reader has yet to respond to my historical proof that the Nile flowed much deeper and wider during old kingdom times in Egypt, see the Comments under the Secrets of the Sphinx article at http://SmithsonianMag.com, and google Aswan Granite Steven Stanek for the background.

    If your pastor/preacher says much of the Genesis account is symbolic, figurative, or metaphorical, not real history, then ask him/her at what point do you think real history begins to be recorded in Genesis?

    It’s been fascinating to watch John Gibson politically evolve over the years from liberal at MSNBC in the 90’s, now to the Tea Party.

    For those who will not be raptured and must experience the Tribulation period of Revelation, get ready for alot of preaching by the 144,000 jewish evangelists about the Bible’s foundational book, Genesis, and II Peter 3:5, to tie it all together for world evangelism, perhaps preaching too about their number, relating to the ancient mapping method in http://IceAgeCivilizations.com

    How much would you give to see Obama meet Limbaugh or Beck? 

    Elesio Medina, advisor to Obama from the SEIU, says amnesty for illegal aliens must be passed, in order to secure Obama’s re-election with those new voters who would be grateful to Obama, go Tea Party!

    Because of extensive worldwide volcanism actually during the bronze age, such as of Santorini, Etna, and the Caucasus, the carbon 14 dates from that timeframe are often greatly exaggerated, the mainstream scientists thinking the Ice Age and its greater volcanism having ended circa 10000 B.C., way off.

    If the earth is 5 billion years old, as the darwinists say, then why are there no sedimentary rocks older than 2 billion year?

    Obama’s not attempting the incremental approach to healthcare reform because almost all of his increments for healtchare reform (small bit portions of the current bill) would be opposed also by many Democrats who are smelling what the Tea Party’s cooking.

    Could the unknown Etruscan language be the unknown Pelasgian language via the Graikos tribe of the Aegean then to Italy?

    Why don’t Christians seek to demonstrate that the history in the Bible is true all-the-way-back through Genesis?  Do they really think that the doubters of the Bible (and therewith the claims of Jesus Christ) don’t have problems with that history, most certainly from the book of Genesis?  Do you see the relevance of Genesis to evangelism? 

    Yew trees growing in Scotland since the Ice Age, where the icepacks once lay, are alive and well today, so that would make those trees about 10,000 years old according to mainstream scientific dogma.  (By the way, tree rings represent growth phases, not necessarily years, hence the trees which are supposedly older than about 4,400 years.)

    The temperature at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, says Carl O. Dunbar in Historical Geology, was 50 degrees F. for awhile before it got really cold as it is today, just below 32 degrees F., proof that the oceans were warmer to have caused the Ice Age.

    As the strong evidences for the veracity of Genesis become more well known, darwinists considering acceptance of Jesus Christ must come to grips with what is real science, according the biblical model, or according to what the darwinists say about all this, you can’t have it both ways, because Genesis is the foundation of the Word.

    Ibrahim Darwish of Egyptian Antiquities says there are many more submerged ruins yet to be photographed west of Alexandria.

    It seems that James O’Keefe is guilty only of trespassing.

    The New Agers say megalithic cities were built all the way back before 10000 B.C., with ruins of some of them now submerged since the end of the Ice Age, and young earth creationists say megalithic structures were begun to be built circa 2300 B.C., agreeing essentially on this with mainstream scientists, and then the submergence of the coastal cities circa 1500 B.C., while mainstream scientists refuse to talk about the submerged ruins at all, for obvious reasons, so it’s quite clear why it is that New Agers and mainstream scientists don’t want to debate young earth creationists, their arguments fail under scrutiny.

    Biblical creationists, do take great satisfaction in watching dyed-in-the-wool darwinists at my old stomping grounds (from where I was banned for being too compelling) at http://HallofMaat.com and http://GrahamHancock.com do their best Sergeant Schultz imitations (“I see nuthink!”) as they assiduously avoid talking about my (devastating to their model) comments under the Sphinx article at http://SmithsonianMag.com

    The darwinists are losing their contrived case, so wouldn’t you think they’d want to debate young earth creationists to demonstrate the supposed scientific certainty of their model and the supposed scientific bankruptcy of biblcal creationism?

    If darwinism is so right, then why are darwinists so afraid to debate? 

    The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristoff quotes Barack Obama saying “the prettiest sound on earth is the Muslim call to prayer.”

    Chris Matthews asked president Obama’s chief economist, Peter Orszag, what happens if the american national debt becomes so bad that nobody lends to us, and the answer from Orszag was that it’s because american businesses are not borrowing enough.  Huh?

    ‘Though the earth is supposedly 5 billion years old, the mountain ranges ostensibly are only one tenth of that age, or less, so think it through, do you see the problems with gradual uniformitarianism, asking what did the earth look like for the supposed previous 90% of the earth’s geological history of which now there’s no evidence?

    If global warming ended the Ice Age, then why did global cloudcover drastically decrease?   

    The problem with calling Israel Palestine is that the Philistines disappeared from the pages of history circa 700 B.C., while Jews can trace their jewish heritage back through the millennia, never having lost their national identity even during the Diaspora.

    Do you like me think it odd that the darwinists say the univesrse is about 20 billion years old, but lifeless for 19 billion of those years, then life for some unknown reason appeared? 

    How can anyone seriously think “the earth is alive?”

    Barack Obama caused the “birther movement” because he refused (and still refuses) to show his long form birth certificate.

    Pastors, preachers, you may ask why teach young earth creationism?  It’s for the sake of the continuity of the scriptures of course, after all, if there was no human genetic bottleneck because of the global flood, then who and where were all the supposed other people besides the eight who are said to have been on Noah’s Ark?

    Biblical creationists can have tremendous impact on the internet demonstrating the veracity of Genesis, using real historical events and climatological circumstances to prove it, for instance, proving that the Ice Age was during old kingdom Egypt when the Sahara was green, because we know that the pharoahs of old kingdom Egypt traded for the ivory and tropical timber of the kingdom of Yam, now in the middle of the Sahara, the climate changed circa 1500 B.C., when also, corroboratively, the egyptian port cities of Menouthis and Heraklion were consumed by the sea., inarguable historical circumstances and events proving the veracity of the Genesis account, see these very strong arguments in action at certainly a darwinian mecca, http://SmithsonianMag.com, and spread the word.

    Pro choice abortion people can support the reversal of Roe v. Wade and still be pro choice, the choice of each state regarding how to write abortion law for the people of their state according to the Tenth Amendment, like gay marriage is being left to the states to decide. 

    Bitter-sweet is so human, in our fallen state, the good with the bad, not to last forever, nor millions of years, as the Bible says.

    If darwinism holds as much truth as claimed by the defenders of that often accepted theory, then teaching the evidences for biblical creationism, to examine the historical claims in the Bible in ancient literature classes in the public schools, should be no threat to the darwinists who say that scientific creationism has no merit.

    That the universe must have been formed from nothing according to thermodynamics (the natural world is deteriorating), whether it happened 20 billion years ago or 6,000 is irrelevant to the miracle which even darwinists must grudgingly admit, it was an amazing miracle, not to be explained by science, so when did it happen?  Are the radioisotope dating methods for rocks really accurate?  See http://GlobalFlood.org, fascinating stuff, and remember that according to Einstein’s gravitational time dilation during the rapid expansion and coelescence of the newly created matter, the stars cannot be billions of years old, actually only thousands, simple physics.

    I can honestly say that if the evidence for the young earth creationism model and then the model for darwinsim are presented to people really unfamiliar with either to begin with, then nine times out of ten those people would see much more plausibility in the biblical model as I think you’d agree if you read the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, and/or continue reading under the various categories here, and see that all but the creation week was recorded by eyewitnesses in article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com.  

    For the sake of intellectual honesty, darwinists should not object if young earth creationism is presented in Bible History courses in public schools, giving reasons to believe its accuracy, a natural topic of discussion when dealing with ancient texts, discussing the evidence that the historical account is accurate or at least plausible, allowing deductive reasoning to lead where it may.  

    The increasingly popular scientific merits of young earth creationism could be taught now in Bible History classes in public schools, at least in Tennessee, Georgia, and Texas, learning about Genesis history in the first book of the Bible.  We don’t seek that darwinism not be taught in public schools, just that any certainly viable and popular alternative be presented in some class setting, it’s only fair, for the intellectual honesty we all should be seeking.

    If young earth creationism continues to garner more and more acceptance, the darwinian textbooks and courses in public schools need not be altered, just teach the stark differences and details of the biblical model in classes about the Bible and its Role in History, or perhaps classes on the Philosophy of Science, or the History of Science, much food for thought and debate, just ask the folks over at http://SmithsonianMag.com under the Sphinx article in the comments.  

    Because of Al Gore’s supposed global warming, arctic cold blasts this tough winter are killing coral in the Caribbean for the first time since the 70’s, so will we see that on National Geographic?  I hope so.  

    What grade will president Obama give himself if he’s asked about his performance in the Haiti relief effort, “strong B plus?”

    Was the archaic city, the megalithic ruins of which are now submerged off ancient Byblos since the end of the Ice Age, also called Byblos?

    The Bible indicates that Noah himself wrote the account about the global flood (notice that it reads like a ship’s log), see article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com to understand the mechanics. 

    Michael Savage and I could have a very fruitful discussion about the historicity of the book of Genesis and its role in modern society if he would just ask.  He’s a Jew, so should be very interested in this topic, ‘though I know he picks and chooses which parts to believe.

    A spokesman for Focus on the Family, the producers of Tim Tebo’s pro life tv commercial, told flaming progressive abortion advocate and Obama lemming Jehmu Green that he’s glad her mother didn’t abort her.  Good line, because aren’t you glad your mother didn’t abort you? 

    Where are wanton darwinian-know-it-alls (in their own minds), Katherine Reece and Anthony, from http://HallofMaat.com, to ostensibly set me straight about my young earth creationism thesis under the Sphinx article at http://SmithsonianMag.com?

    How can your pastor preach with integrity and consistency from the Word of God if he/she doesn’t believe the foundational book of it?

    Obama Girl now opposes him, perhaps a watershed moment.

    Presuming this is the time of Jesus Christ’s prophecied return, one wonders how many of the predicted 144,000 jewish evangelists in the book of Revelation know their role in the near future?

    Shout-out to Joe; some Hindus and Mayans counted 1/5th of the length of the precession cycle back from 2012 a.d. to 3102 b.c. in the case of he Hindus, and back to 3114 b.c. in the case of the Mayans, when the mayan fourth sun of time began after their legendary flood, and in the case of the Hindus, when the Kali yuga of time began because Krishna (Kush) was said to have died then, but both, as we discussed, are merely constructs counted back from the time of the astronomical phenomena known to be destined for the time around 2012, choosing 1/5th of a precession cycle, while the more I think about it, the global flood of Noah was right at 1/6th of the precession cycle ago, putting it around 2308 b.c., when however I think Noah’s Flood was closer to 2350 b.c. 

    Notice that Progressives such as Barack Obama, Chris Matthews, Hillary Clinton, and Keith Olbermann, never attempt to refute and therefore can’t mock Glenn Beck’s ongoing exposure of the Marxist roots of their progressivism in the early twentieth century.  

    Acknowledgment of gravitational time dilation according to Einstein’s theory of general relativity corrects the Big Bang Theory when those theorists admit that the “big bang” necessitates that the universe is bounded, with a center point, so the speed of light was greatly accelerated during the rapid expansion of matter with the “big bang,” and therefore, the distant stars are only thousands of years old.

    Students of ancient history, to easily rationalize the climate change known to have disrupted the bronze age and to make sense of the megalithic ruins now on the seafloor, just plug in the date 1500 b.c. for the end of the Ice Age to watch it all come together.

    If Frank Marshall Davis is shown to be president Obama’s actual biological father, then I don’t think that would be an impeachable offense, but it certainly would not help his reelection hopes.

    Plato related that the egyptian priests said (circa 600 B.C.) that Egypt was never the victim of flooding as was Atlantis, and Alexander the Great (circa 330 B.C.) saw fit to build his port city just a few miles from Heraklion and Menouthis, now on the shallow seafloor, so it’s fairly obvious that Menouthis and Heraklion were submerged by Alexander’s time, and since Sais and Pelusium, not Menouthis and Heraklion, were the only big egyptian port cities on the Mediterranean circa 600 B.C., they were submerged by then too, making liars of the egyptian priests who had told Solon (then Plato) that Egypt had never seen such flooding as of Atlantis, and then there’s that date they gave, 9,600 B.C., with bronze age weaponry and navies, but Menouthis, Heraklion, Atlantis, and many other locations, went under circa 1500 B.C.

    The “birther controversy” would go away if Obama would only reveal his long form birth certificate, the ball is in his court, and if it stays there, so will the controversy.  It’s Obama’s fault, not the fault of those who want to see this rudimentary documentation.

    Democrat senator Robert Menendez is telling democrat candidates to ask their republican opponents if they believe Barack Hussein Obama is a citizen of the United States (in order to ostensibly marginalize the Republicans), which however is begging the question, what is Obama hiding by not showing his long form birth certificate, Democrats?

    It’s funny that the darwinian denizens at http://HallofMaat.com, one of my old stomping grounds before they banned me, are not participating in the informative discussion at http://SmithsonianMag.com, in the Comments below the Sphinx article, out in the open where they have the freedom to rebut what I’ve written, not in their star chamber where they banned me clearly for information too compelling.

    Chris Matthews asked his audience “whose side are you on, the firefighter’s (Obama’s) or the fire’s!?”  He sounds like a preacher talking about heaven (Obama) and hell (Tea Party people). 

    The two comments which the web guy posted, then was apparently told to delete (by Bill Maher?), which he did, under the article about the Sphinx in Egypt at  http://SmithsonianMag.com, were to Mr. Lukacs, that the Nile flowed greatly during old kingdom Egypt, up to the paws of the Sphinx, ten times the amount of rain back then, when the canopic branch of the Nile flowed strong past now submerged Menouthis and Heraklion, and to Mr. Weller, that Jason and the Argonauts lost their way into the Sea of Tritonis when the “aqualithic period” of north Africa was ending, when the kingdom of Yam was turning to dust, that dessication described in the Ipuwer Papyrus.  So did the Smithsonian rule this is pornography or some such?

    Uh oh, spoke too soon about the Smithsonian Magazine, they briefly posted my two response comments to Mr’s Lukacs and Weller, about Jason and the Argonauts in the Sea of Tritonis, the Kingdom of Yam, and the Ipuwer Papyrus, then the web guy quickly deleted them, I guess a gatekeeper from Harvard or something told the web guy to remove the material, which certainly and herewith obviously challenges the darwinian timeline, while but my initial and now only comment there still remains.  I’ll update the latest, and feel free to weigh in.

    Great times over at http://SmithsonianMag.com, refer to the Comments under the article there for February 2010 about the Sphinx in Egypt and Mark Lehner by Evan Hadingham, we’re commenting there below the article about the catastrophic climate change described in the Ipuwer Papyrus of Egypt, written circa 1400 B.C., when the Exodus occurred, with the end of the Ice Age, thanks again Smithsonian.

    Will the Federal Elections Commission ever investigate the hundreds of thousands of small denomination campaign donations from overseas (many of them from muslim nations) to Team Obama?

    When Rahm Emanuel tries to twist congresspersons’ arms too hard, I can imagine many of them saying “you know half of America wants to see the president’s long form birth certificate . . . .”

    Surely the Tebo’s are celebrating life with their tv commercial for the Super Bowl; Tim Tebo’s mother is happy she didn’t abort him when the doctors advised her to do so, free speech allows them this expression, so are those Progressives opposed to the commercial just opposed to Tim Tebo’s birth, are they all Progressives from Georgia? 

    To see a classic example of the ice age timeline conundrum facing the darwinists, google Lost City Could Rewrite History, from the BBC, about the submerged cities in the Gulf of Cambay off the coast of northwest India, which they say submerged circa 7000 b.c., the ruins of which however look like the ruins of the brick buildings of the Indus Valley civilization built circa 2000 b.c. discovered onshore.

    Obama could salvage his presidency if he’d become a tea party Democrat, but since that probably won’t happen, because he and Robert Gibbs have talked about a possible one term presidency, you can bet that they don’t buy Bill O’Reilly’s “official estimate” that there were only about 75,000 people at the Tea Party rally in D.C. last summer, where Obama and Gibbs know there were 2,000,000.

    That ancient written records speak of cities such as Yarmuta, Heraklion, and Kususthali, which were subsequently submerged by the sea, shows just how wrong the darwinists are about the real time for the end of the Ice Age, it’s those skewed carbon 14 dates. 

    Just as liberalism was shown to be just big government for social engineering, now its stepchild (yet actually from marxists of the early 1900’s), progressivism, is unmasked as just more of the same.

    George Washington’s almost constant warning to beware of big government is manifested in the tenets of the Constitution.

    Ibrahim Darwish of Egypt’s Dept. of Antiquities was quoted as saying that west of the submerged ruins of Heraklion and Menouthis are over thirty other submerged sites of ruins, bronze age ruins, submerged since the end of the Ice Age.

    My old nemeses over at http://HallofMaat.com (before they banned me for being too compelling) have a thread under Ancient Egyptian Discussions called “Sphinx in the news,” about the big article at http://SmithsonianMag.com discussing the great Sphinx, where my comment is posted at the bottom, the material I’d been presenting to them before they decided it was too compelling, but I’ve noticed they’ve had just one comment under “Sphinx in the news,” when normally such a big article about Mark Lehner and the Sphinx in the Smithsonian would spawn many comments at Hall of Maat, so what’s up with that?  Maybe they’ll eventually respond.   

    Replace Plato’s 9600 B.C. date for the submergence of Atlantis with 1500 B.C., and take him at his word that the empire extended both inside and outside the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar), to see the real story, verified history, refer to category Atlantis Revealed.

    If Barack Obama has nothing to hide, then where is his long form birth certificate?  Why is that such a big deal for him to keep hidden?  He’s spent tens of millions of dollars in courts fighting the disclosure of his long form birth certificate, so does that sound like somebody with nothing to hide?  What’s the big deal? 

    Michael Savage has little interest in sports, but he has signed with sports-talk KTRB am radio in San Francisco, popular among sports fans obviously, who like his patriotic politics and aggressive presentation.

    Eureka!  The Smithsonian Magazine online actually posted my comment (and I thank them very much) that the “special time of dependable rainfall in old kingdom Egypt” was most certainly during the Ice Age, beneath the article there by the Smithsonian’s Evan Hadingham of Feb 2010 about Mark Lehner’s work at Giza.  And in the comment, I asked that they refer Lehner, who has been perplexed for years about the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza, to its solution in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, which is the key to understanding so much more about ancient Egypt.   

    Obama says a good job and wage is a right, and Joe Biden says he wants people to enter the middle class and stay there, so that’s really about all you need to know, their intent to destroy the free market system through government domination.

    If Barack Obama would announce his conversion to the ideals of the Tea Party movement in his State of the Union Address, his approval ratings would shoot up to 80%, with only racists and left wing fascists opposing such a politically expedient move to the center.

    Could not biblical christian preaching from the book of Genesis, now commonly in accomodation of the darwinian timeline, be thereby considered incoherent and intellectually dishonest? 

    If the Islamists achieve their goal to take over the world, what would the world look like then?  How would civilizations evolve?

    Keith Olbermann says it’s the Tea Party people who want to be called “tea-baggers,” that he didn’t start it, but did Keith ever think that those innocent ma and pa people who used tea bags to represent the modern manifestation of the Boston Tea Party didn’t have their heads in the gutter (kids don’t google tea bagger sex) like Keith and his fellow zany progressive blabbers who are going down with the ship?

    Barack Hussein Obama’s political career really now hinges on what he does with attorney general Eric Holder, who intervened to have miranda rights read to the crotch bomber.  Intelligence agencies knew the crotch bomber was all wrapped-up in Al Qaida training in Yemen, so Holder knew too (so did Obama), therefore, since Scott Brown won in Massachusetts much because of this issue, president Obama must certainly face the fact that the American people want at least Eric Holder to go for now, then followed by B. Hussien himself in 2012.

    The vast majority of self-professed Christians, at least those really interested in promoting the Bible, certainly don’t realize that going on the offensive demonstrating factually the veracity of Genesis, as it reads (not as the darwinists want it to read), engenders great interest in the Bible, after all, if seekers of God can’t believe the first book of the Bible, then why believe the rest, isn’t that right?

    Back in the old days, young earth creationists would be welcomed at darwinian venues such as the Smithsonian Magazine’s comment sections under their articles, so the darwinists there could mock and ostensibly rebut what the young earth creationsists would have to say, but now, with this case in point, the Smithsonian Magazine online (under Hadingham’s article about Mark Lehner and the Sphinx in Egypt) refused to post my simple comment on the article, using a quote from Hadingham himself that old kingdom Egypt was “a special time with dependable rainfall,” my comment that the “special time” was the Ice Age, for all that rainfall in ancient Egypt.

    Can you imagine the sense of terrified awe the Canaanites must have felt when they realized upstart Israel was coming their way after the miraculous destruction of the Pharoah’s army in the Red Sea?  They must have really stoked up those fire altars to burn babies as the Canaanites were want to do, to invoke their grand protector, good ol’ Moloch, to ostensibly come to their rescue.    

    When skeptics of the Bible actually read the obvious old testament prophecies fulfilled in Jesus Christ’s incarnation and resurrection, laid out in chapter 23 of the free ebook download of my first book Old Earth? Why Not!, then they’re reduced to contesting only that the old testament scriptures were somehow altered, but of course when, how, and where they can’t say, so check-it-out.

    David Axelrod says the American people will never know the good things in that democrat healthcare bill until it’s signed and becomes law.  Thanks for the transparency Dave.

    White House adviser Valerie Jarrett admits Team Obama has failed, along ‘though with everybody else of course.

    President Obama’s top aid, Chicago’s Valerie Jarrett, on Meet the Press today, said “job creation has been a first priority.”  So what’s “a” first priority supposed to mean?  How many first priorities can there be? 

    Columbia University’s School of Journalism is oddly criticizing talking-heads Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Dr. Nancy Snyderman for providing much needed medical care in distaster stricken Haiti while reporting the strangely “bottlenecked” relief effort there, so Columbia doesn’t like lives saved and thinks Team Obama is doing a great job?

    Christians interested in defending Genesis have no idea the great impact they can have on the internet equipped with simple points to be made for its veracity, such as described in the article above, and under the various categories at this website.

    Will any black Democrat leader stand-up-to-say that Barack Obama’s anemic relief effort in Haiti has cost many thousands of lives?  If George Bush were still president, do you suppose they would?

    As Dartmouth epigrapher and ancient historian Betty J. Meggers says, to which Cambridge’s Andrew Robinson would disagree, there are no coincidences in epigraphy, so some of you please let them know that the approximately one hundred undecifered RongoRongo script signs which effectively are the same as those of the undecifered Indus Valley script are certainly not a coincidence, surprising not Meggers according to form I’d hope, because the biblical ancients during the Ice Age were navigating all over the globe circa 2000 B.C. by geometry, which means earth measure, see article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

    The catastrophic drought which struck ancient Egypt at the time of the Exodus is corroborated in the text of the Ipuwer Papyrus, when the Ice Age was ending, when the Sahara region turned to desert.

    Christians who profess their belief in all of the Bible must be prepared with reasons to believe Genesis as it’s written lest darwinists and other critics of the Bible perceive them detached from reality.

    Does Keith Olbermann actually think he has mainstream appeal?

    As it becomes more obvious to the mainstream scientific world that the Ice Age ended circa 1500 B.C., some will resist citing submerged port cities Menouthis and Heraklion in only twenty to thirty feet of water on the seafloor near Alexandria when but the sea level rise with the end of the Ice Age was a few hundred feet, however, those port cities were on the now extinct Canopic branch of the Nile, on a river, so no need to have been on the oceanfront. 

    Capitalism doesn’t reward the wealthy so much as it rewards those who want to be wealthy (spoken by a black businessman). 

    There are very good grounds to say that the ancient egyptian king Menes (god Min), said to have been the unifier of upper and lower Egypt, was a son of Sidon (a son of Canaan), also known as Posidon in Plato’s Atlantis story, his son Mneseus known anciently in Iberia (Spain) as Menestheo, and in Egypt he was known as Menes, who founded the great lower kingdom port city of Menouthis on the Mediterranean, which is really of the lower kingdom now, so to speak, submerged five miles from the coast about twenty miles northeast of Alexandria, clearly submerged since the end of the Ice Age.

    I’d bet that conservatives have given three-to-one over liberals to earthquake disaster relief for the poor suffering folks in Haiti.  Why?  Because liberals expect the government to do everything for them.

    Has anybody seen any politcal polling about how jewish Americans feel about president Barack Obama now?

    Pastors, preachers, of course Byblos means book, the namesake of the Bible, writing on paper, so since the ruins of the original megalithic constructions of the port city of Byblos are now submerged on the shallow seafloor off the coast of Lebanon (google underwater ruins Byblos) from the end of the Ice Age, how does that stack-up with the darwinian timeline, so when do you honestly think they went under, perhaps at the time of the Exodus?

    Rainer Kuehne and Georgeos Diaz Montexano (now working with the spanish government) know that Atlantis went under much later than Plato related in his story, yet they just can’t give a good reason geologically why, not knowing that the Ice Age ended circa 1500 B.C.  

    Hungarian engineer Gillaume de Hevesy (back in the 1930’s) first published, with great mainstream academic acclaim, the obvious likeness of about a hundred RongoRongo script signs to those of the Indus Valley script, both still undecifered, these obviously way-beyond-coincidental likenesses since then ruled out in the 1950’s by mainstream academics, because such a relationship would have necessitated global navigation in the timeframe of the Indus Valley Civilization which ended circa 1500 B.C., but here’s how they did navigate globally, see article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.  

    One of the worst things about progressive crazy Alan Grayson is when you hear somebody on the radio who sounds like him.

    Pastors, preachers, when you stick to what the book of Genesis actually says, not what the darwinists want it to say, the darwinists begrudgingly give you respect at least for being intellectually honest about what the text actually says (then just refer them here).

    Isn’t it funny that when you’re trying to think of something, your eyeballs move back and forth looking upward as if you’re scanning your brain?

    Pastors, preachers, wiseman of the business world Steve Forbes says the Bible was compiled over a few hundred years, he hasn’t read article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com.

    Why does president Obama exude more bile against american free enterprise than he does against islamic terrorism?

    Have you noticed that the Progressives attack not the true message of the Tea Party movement but the messengers of it (Saul Alinsky 101)?

    Pastors, preachers, were the Nazi’s opposed to the Jews?  Are the Progressives opposed to Israel?  Did you know that Israel was named Palestine after the Philistines by Alexander the Great?

    Abe Foxman of the jewish Anti Defamation League should consider a new line of work, he denies the islamists’ slaughter of christians in the Armenian Holocaust, regularly rants against christians (the only friends Israel has), and speaks in favor of the islamic school in NYC whose principal was distributing t-shirts which say “Intifada NYC.”

    The muslim news outlet Al Jazeera reports that 16,000 Muslims per day in Egypt are leaving Islam to follow Jesus Christ, so at that rate, within ten years, half of Egypt’s population will be Christians.

    Pastors, preachers, what were the mediterranean port cities of ancient Egypt before Sais (established circa 1000 B.C.) and then Alexandria (established circa 300 B.C.) were the only big egyptian port cities on the Mediterranean?  The answer is on the shallow seafloor northeast of Alexandria, megalithic ruins of Menouthis and Heraklion, submerged since the time of the Exodus.

    An egyptian christian on TBN says there are now five million christians in Egypt and Al Jazeera says 16,000 egyptians per day are leaving Islam to follow their belief in Jesus Christ, so the Word is getting out, where the Good News is preached, people believe. 

    I think Alan Grayson is acting, surely a mean trick.

    Has anybody asked how many of the people who voted for Obama yet now oppose him are Democrats or Independents who had supported Hillary in the Democrats’ presidential primary last summer?

    Hero of the twisted Progressive movement in America, communist revolutionary Che Guevara, didn’t think much of blacks, having said “they are lazy and spend all their money on booze,” what a guy. 

    Is Barack Obama’s messianic humanitarianism really shining forth in his performance following the disaster in Haiti?  It took almost a week to get water in there for the people dying in the streets and across the countryside, so what if George Bush had performd like that, do you suppose he would have been called a racist?  

    Adolf Hitler copied the political tactics of the early 20th century Progressive movement in America, creeping fascism, while Stalin capitalized on the violent revolution in which he particpated, both having achieved their goal of government ownership of property and the means of production, sound familiar?

    If Islam is the religion of peace, then why don’t Muslims read and discuss the Koran when a bunch of “infidels” are around?

    Do you think we can rule out supposedly fair and balanced Fox News from coming to the defense of free speech champion Michael Savage because Fox News is partially owned by muslim Saudi royalty?

    George Noory recently did a radio show about the Shang of China in the Americas circa 1500 B.C., and how the Library of Congress may be witholding information about it, correct on both counts, but somebody please tell George the method by which they did precisely navigate way back then, explaining the anomalously accurate world maps also discussed on the show, those maps achieved by the simple mapping method in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

    Google this, Georgeos Diaz Montexano Atlantis, he’s been compiling ancient and medieval writings about Atlantis in the Gibraltar region and photographing submerged ruins there for many years, of course all but unnoticed by mainstream scientists, yet now, he’s working with Spain’s “Higher Council of Scientific Study,” confirming the bronze age ruins submerged in the esturary of the Guadalquivir river, in the Donana National Park, so what will be really interesting is if Montexano puts them on the other ruins submerged deeper which he and others have documented, many of them submerged offshore Cadiz, the homeland of Gades, a son of Sidon, son of Canaan.

    The American political scene now is boiled down to not so much Democrats vs. Republicans as socialist Progressives vs. the the patriotic Tea Party movement, so whom do you support? 

    Pastors, preachers, when Alexander the Great arrived at Rhakotis on the Mediterranean coast to build Alexandria, all that was there was the small town with a single temple to the egyptian god Amun, but offshore there, to the northeast, submerged five miles from the coast are now found the extensive megalithic ruins of Menouthis and Heraklion, yet if you google around about this, you’ll see submergence dates for those cities proposed by mainstream scientists anywhere from 500 B.C. to 800 A.D., however, the two cities plainly weren’t there when Alexander arrived circa 330 B.C., the cities must have been submerged before, long before, just but a distant vague memory to the egyptians (‘though they didn’t write about it) by Alexander’s time, submerged since the end of the Ice Age, when the Exodus occurred, good information from Genesis.

    How many loyal Muslims are aware of the prophecy in Ezekial 38?

    Here http://aim.org/aim-column/obamas-communist-mentor/ is a well documented assessment of president Obama’s relationship with mentor and maybe more, Frank Marshall Davis, the Frank in his book Dreams of My Father, it’s a real eye-opener.

    Barack Obama’s progressivism literally doesn’t sell, Air America Radio just filed for bankruptcy, where are you George Soros?

    Isn’t it seemingly strange that so many ancient (and some modern) religious ceremonies involve the sacrifice of animals, the shedding of the blood, and often of lambs, so where have we heard that before?  It’s in the world’s alltime best seller, the Bible, Jesus is the Lamb of God, so these sacrifices are clearly no longer necessary.  

    In light of the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing corporate (and unions already) giving to politics, does Keith Olbermann really think he’s not fronting for the Progressives on the corporate dime already?

    Now with the nation all ears, will Massachusetts’ new senator Scott Brown proclaim to the world that it was representative Barney Frank, democrat of Boston, and Chris Dodd, and Barack Obama, who pressured Congress to force government lenders Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae to make crazy loans to unqualified borrowers?

    Now with the Supreme Court ruling that corporations (who employ in the private sector) can give as much money and service as they want to political campaigns, it’s like commerical radio, the money will go to where are the listeners, but rest assured the corporations won’t break the bank on something as uncertain as elections.

    Never again will any sane Democrat be able to trash George W. Bush about the hurricane Katrina disaster compared to Obama’s woeful performance responding to the catastrophe in Haiti.

    In the new issue of Time Magazine, Obama is quoted as saying he has over-estimated his ability to persuade people, imagine that.

    Only India’s S.R. Rao and myself know that the sanskrit hindu Vedas are words of the previously unknown Indus civilizations’ language and script spelled out with the hebrew alphabet phonetically, and now you know too, so tell your favorite linguist.

    Pastors, preachers, if some enthusiastic kids (or adults) ask you how the Big Bang Theory applies to the creation account, what do you say?

    The soon-to-be decifered RongoRongo (Easter Island) and Indus Valley (India) languages with writing scripts have many written symbols in common, acknowledged by all ancient linguists, but because those languages are separated by half a world and supposedly 3,500 years, the obvious affinity of the scripts to each other unbelievably is ruled merely coincidence, so please tell the experts that the navigators were sailing all over the world circa 2000 B.C., by the method explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.  

    Pastors, preachers, if a kid (or adult) asks you how could have Noah’s Flood covered the Himalaya Mountains, what do you say?

    Google Frank Marshall Davis Barack Obama, see the obvious link?

    Watching the reporters in Haiti, you can tell that they are disgusted with Team Obama’s lame effort to relieve the suffering, but they can’t say so, because they work for Obama apologists, nevertheless, who will be the first to say Obama has really dropped the ball?

    Do you really think president Obama is doing all he could quite easily do to alleviate the suffering in Haiti?

    Why did Bill O’Reilly want to know whether or not Sarah Palin has security (he asked her on the air) when she goes on her regular six mile run when at home in Alaska?  (Of course she does.)  Imagine the uproar if he’d asked Obama specifics about his security when he’s out and about.  O’Reilly should be called out on this.

    Will the liberal talking heads who are acting surprised that Republicans are winning all the special elections lately ever actually admit that there were two million Tea Party people rallying at the nation’s capitol last summer?  And they call themselves news reporters?  What a joke.   

    If you think it’s impossible that the stars are thousands of years old, as the Bible clearly indicates, then google general relativity gravitational time dilation or read chapter 17 of the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!

    Wonder about supposedly mythical Atlantis?  The online Telegraph UK newspaper is reporting that Spain’s mainstream “Higher Council of Scientific Study (the CSIC)” has confirmed submerged ruins in the estuary of the Guadalquiver river, in Donana National Park, but will they start talking about the submerged ruins reported and/or photographed at many locations there too but in deeper water, up and down the coast, from Huelva down to Cadiz then Tarifa, obviously submerged since the end of the Ice Age?

    Karen Mutton has a great book out, in the sense that it’s a good compilation of the reported and photographed submerged ruins around the world, titled Sunken Realms, but she really doesn’t have a clue regarding why and when they went under, not yet realizing that the ocean rose when the Ice Age ended circa 1500 B.C.

    Sarah Palin, biblical believer, has said that dinosaurs (dragons) lived when humans were around, as the Bible indicates, and according to many other historical accounts, see chapter 1 of the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!

    Team Obama has created the Anti Deficit Panel, oh brother.

    Agenda driven Bill O’Reilly is no friend of Sarah Palin, he oddly just asked her if security goes with her on her six mile runs in Alaska, to which the mildly shocked Palin replied no.  Keep in mind Fox is partially owned by Saudi royalty, so O’Reilly is just doing his masters’ bidding.  

    Keith Olbermann says two women having a baby is normal. 

    Wacky Joan Walsh’s goofy new psycho-babble word for gregarious is peoplecentric (I guess real tight together in a kum-ba-ya type mosh). 

    That the progressive Democrat hacks defend Obama’s policies by saying the american people don’t understand the stuff (how it’s supposedly really good for us and all that) only proves that Obama’s presidential campaign was geared to deceive the middle income people in the private business sector of America.  

    Would you like to know the distribution of the remains of the billions of dead creatures in the sedimentary layers beneath the surface of the earth?  Checkout http://DetectingDesign.com/fossilrecord.html.    

    David Axelrod on Hardball just said that Team Obama will continue pushing their agenda on through 2010 and through 2012 if Obama decides to run again.  I just heard it with my own ears.

    Did you know diamonds considered millions of years old show carbon 14 dates in the thousands of years (see http://GlobalFlood.org)?  

    Wenzel Polling says 49% of Americans think it odd that Obama has not revealed his long-form birth certificate, and with Republican majorities possible after the 2010 midterm elections, legislation requiring this proof of birth for presidential candidates could be passed to apply to Obama and the election in 2012.

    Teacher Challenge:  Show your students, junior or senior high school or college, pictures of submerged ruins found all around the world, such as those shown at http://GrahamHancock.com, of the ruins off Japan, and Nan Madol, with pictures you can find elsewhere on the internet of submerged Yarmuta (google with Mohammed Sarji), an ancient canaanite port city, and Atlit-Yam, and the ruins of Dwarka off the Gujarat coast of India, also known as Kususthali, the port of Kush, and then ask your students when they think and how did those cities became seafloor ruins.  Discuss the issue, see what the students say.

    What is the Tea Party Movement?  It’s probably over half of voting age Americans, composed of born again Christians, who typically are conservative politically and very patriotic, and less religious people, equally patriotic, typically registered Independent, who with the Christians hate to see our economy taken over by fascists.

    If not for mainstream scientists’ bullheadedness toward the book of Genesis, the mystery of Atlantis and the submerged bronze age ruins disovered in many parts of the world (see category Submerged Ancient Ruins) are easily solved, not to mention the quandry for archaeologists about the disastrous climate change which they are slowly beginning to figure out ended the so-called bronze age circa 1500 B.C.  

    Pastors, preachers, since Jesus Christ is the Word, the Good News, and the book of Genesis is the Word too (right?), then how can you say that God doesn’t mean what he says in Genesis, that it’s not literal history, but then in the same breath ask people to believe the Word, do you see the nonsense in that?

    Obviously God, the triune Elohim, allowed the forces which caused the earthquake in Haiti to happen, one of the many earthquakes and other disasters which have been ongoing for about six thousand years (or at least since the global flood), not millions of years, so such misery, horrible as it is, has not been “going on forever,” but a much shorter time than the darwinists are telling us, with most of them probably disingenuously thinking we’ll somehow morph into something better, by darwinian evolution, with the prophetic book of Revelation however clearly staring us in the face.

    The progressive mostly antichristian members of the mainstream media covering the Haiti disaster are duly amazed and touched by the faith shown by those disaster victims demonstrating such great confidence in their savior Jesus Christ, through it all, even unto physcial death, a clear and powerful spiritual witness of “the peace of Jesus Christ which surpasses all understanding.”

    Pastors, preachers, think of the millions of people who can’t believe the Bible, the Word, Jesus Christ, because of his book of Genesis which supposedly has been proven to be false, so what is your role here?

    The “progressives” have what they apparently think is a slick new pubic relations and marketing term for abortions, emergency contraceptions, oh brother, to what depths will they sink?

    Since Team Obama has performed so abysmally for Haitian relief after the horrific earthquake, Obama apologist Anderson Cooper on CNN is reduced to wondering how the seventy year old praying woman could have survived a week buried in the rubble.

    The 50,000 christians in muslim-dominated Cairo, who speak the coptic language, the language of the pharoahs, are forced to live in the section of the city which is Cairo’s waste dump, and above their abode in that section of the city, up a single road, excavated into a great limestone cliff, is where they worship Jesus Christ, above the dump below, 10,000 brave christians there worshipping every week, taking advantage of certainly not prime real estate in islamic Egypt. 

    Pastors, preachers, here is a good way to broach the subject with unsuspecting darwinists: “do you know how the ancient egyptians measured the earth by its wobble rate as it spins and rotates around the sun?”  (See article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.)

    Patriotic congresspersons are gaining support (with more to come after the 2010 elections) for legislation requiring that presidential candidates produce their long form birth certificates.

    Will the perhaps-still-deluded mainstream media ask white house spokesmen Robert Gibbs why there were no significant military air drops of water and food until a week into the crisis in Haiti?

    Isn’t it interesting that the number of jewish evangelists during the Tribulation period, 144,000, will be the same number as ten times the number of base-perimeter-lengths of the Great Pyramid which compose the diameter length of the earth?  Checkout please the explanation in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, and preachers out there, what do you think, sermon material perhaps? 

    I’d bet the 144,000 jewish evangelists during the Tribulation period will enthusiastically talk about their number as it relates to God’s plan that the ancients navigated this globe by design, God’s design.  

    General Honore was shocked (as we all are) that Team Obama put USAid in charge of the U.S. rescue effort in Haiti from day one, with hundreds of thousands of wounded survivors in the streets there, no water nor food, so Obama first sent in “an assessment team” from the plainly amateurish USAid, which certainly calls into question the urgency of Team Obama’s response to the disaster.

    In blaming “the bureaucracy,” not Team Obama, for the disaster relief disaster in Haiti, the mainstream media (always trying to protect Obama) is admitting, ‘though they probably don’t know they are, that the private sector is doing and will continue to do a much better job, the donations to which Obama wants to deny tax deductibility status, in other words, he’d rather have the government handle the whole thing in their own backed-up way.

    Underwater megalithic ruins off Okinawa, Aguni, Chatan, Kerama, Yonaguni and Isekei Point, just east of Taiwan, are flummoxing mainline scientists who buy the darwinian bilge because they say the Ice Age ended circa 10000 B.C., so who supposedly built those structures back then, Fred Flintstone?

    Google underwater temples Bimini or submerged ruins Andros Island, along the Grand Bahama Banks, which during the Ice age was exposed land, along the Gulf Stream, Florida across the way, that civilization inundated when the Ice Age ended, and the date was…?

    With many more submerged sites of megalithic ruins than mainstream scientists are anywhere close to acknowleging now documented in many parts of the world (see category Submerged Ancient Ruins), you wonder why pastors don’t talk about this and how their submergence comports with the Genesis timeline.

    Are darwinian biological subspecies of a species more or less evolved than that species?

    Pastors, preachers, if it’s true, as the Bible says, that Noah’s Ark landed in the Mountains of Ararat, about ten thousand feet above sea level in current day eastern Turkey, then how could Noah’s Flood have been just a swollen river or the end-of-the-ice-age sea level rise?  Do you see the problem with your logic, or is that part about Mount Ararat in the Bible supposedly wrong too?

    Spain could rightfully be called Atlantis today, at least the portion from the Sierra Morena and Nevada mountains south to the sea, the atlantean plain, and submerged offshore Cadiz, up the coast and down, are submerged ruins of the Atlantean empire, not just the City of Posidon, who was Sidon, son of Canaan (see category Atlantis Revealed for further analysis).

    With over a billion Muslims in the world, are there any private muslim charities which are involved in the relief work in Haiti?  Don’t count on it, because the Haitians, almost all Catholics influenced by voodoo, are infidels in the minds of the people of the Koran and Hadith, while hundreds of christian organizations have been, and continue to be, on the front lines helping the people of Haiti. 

    Secular scholars of ancient undecifered languages such as Andrew Robinson, author of the book Lost Languages, say that the origin of the name Kush is unknown (used in the ancient Indus Civilization city name Kususthali and the Kingdom of Kush in Africa), so have they really never heard of the Table of Nations in Genesis 10?  Could their heads be any deeper in the sand?  They’re doing their best Sergeant Schultz imitations for sure, “I see nuthink!”

    This blogsite http://DancingFromGenesis.com is rarely cited by mockers of the Bible (particularly of the Genesis account and young earth creationists) because the material is too compelling for their tastes, so I hope those of you interested in defending the veracity of Genesis (and in going on offense with it) will cite this website at many chat rooms of darwinists and progressives (and all the rest), it’s a great way to spread the Good News, showing that there are many proven reasons to believe all of the Bible.  

    If not that it confirms the biblical model of catastrophic climate change in the 1500 B.C. timeframe (when the corroborating Ipuwer Papyrus was written), wouldn’t you think that the new proof that old kingdom (when the pyramids were built) Egypt’s supplier of tropical timber and ivory, the kingdom of Yam, is now in the middle of the Sahara desert would be front page news? 

    Are we of the human-kind or the human-species?  If species, then since the other “species” have subspecies, who are the subspecies of the human-species, progressives?

    With aqueously deposited calcium carbonate (limestone) in varying degrees throughout the layers of shales and sandstones of the sedimentary geologic column (except the superficial end-of-the-ice-age deposits on top), it’s a small wonder mainstream geologists don’t see that they were all deposited in a flood.  And remember, the mountains rose at the close of the flood.

    Surely the reason the ancient mapping finding in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com is not cited now in every archaeologcial textbook is that it confirms God’s intelligently designed creation, not to mention that it comports with young earth creationism, both taboos of mainstream science. 

    Obama’s relief effort for Haiti could have been even worse (and it’s very bad) because he wants no tax deductibility for private donations made for charitable relief efforts, and they call that leadership?

    British scientists such as Tom Brooks (google ancient satnav Tom Brooks) are flummoxed that ancient townships of England are on an extensive geometric grid system, impossible to have been measured by the ancients according to mainstream scientists desperate for an explanation, now being discussed at http://GrahamHancock.com (click on Message Board, then Mysteries, then the thread strangly titled Ancient Woolworth’s Stores on Geometric Patterns), so they are ignoring (and they are) the ancient mapping finding in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.  Hey Marduk, maybe you can give them a heads up, and WaterBreather, what do you think?   

    Heard of the Piri Reis Map?  The radial leylines to the five nexus points spaced equidistantly along an arch in the south Atlantic on the map all  trace back to Alexandria, Egypt, indicating that was the reference point for the ancient mapping project, the source maps of which Reis used 4,000 years later to compile his map (he said so on the map), but Alexandria didn’t exist in the bronze age, built circa 300 B.C., however, very nearby, Menouthis and Heraklion did, the ruins of which are now submerged near Alexandria, submerged since the end of the Ice Age; WaterBreather, Marduk?   

    Darwinists say teaching young earth creationism is dangerous to kids because it supposedly impedes their ability to innovate, to think critically, according to the darwinian template, but when I’ve asked accomplished darwinists what innovations have developed from the darwinian evolutionary template, the best they have been able to come up with (‘though inanely self-defeating) is airplane wing designs and traffic flow solutions, not very convincing.

    Onhk is the coptic egyptian word for life or living, and the ankh logographic sign, found at the bases of ahu monoliths on Easter Island, was the sign for life or living in the hieroglyphs of old kingdom Egypt, so it should be no surprise that Easter Island’s ancient name is Rapanui, perhaps meaning sun father Noah. 

    Google this, Naveta Tombs, bronze age stone buriel structures formed to look like upside-down boats, for the deceased to navigate the celestial ocean during their afterlife, like they were in their earthly seagoing ships, see article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.   

    Did you know that in the Foreward to his book Rules for Radicals, the operating manual for the “progressive” wing of the Democrat party, author Saul Alinsky writes that his work is dedicated to “the original radical Lucifer?”    

    Do a google search, Yam Sahara Mark Borda, the archaeologist Borda is leading the way now uncovering old kingdom Egypt’s trading partner, 700 kilometers to the west, in the middle of the Sahara where almost nothing now lives, but back then, was a source of tropical timber and ivory for the Pharoahs circa 2000 B.C., at the time of Abraham, so pastors, preachers, can you work with that perhaps?  Oh, right, most pastors say the Bible isn’t the accurate sourcebook of ancient history which Jesus claims it is, but yet, there it is, the biblical model answers the mystery of the rich land of Yam (probably Ham).

    That the kingdom of Yam exported tropical forest products and elephant ivory to the pharoahs of Old Kingdom Egypt circa 2000 B.C. almost in-and-of-itself proves that the carbon 14 dating method is unreliable, with dates mistakenly accepted indicating the Sahara desert’s “aqualithic period” ended six thousand years before.

    Where were the bronze age Minoan port cities of Crete?  David Hatcher Childress directly quotes a 90’s tourism guidebook from Crete in his book Lost Cities of the Mediterranean, citing the submerged ruins of megalithic port cities off Crete’s eastern shores, the seafloor ruins of Olos, Limin, Chersonisou, Itanos, Mochlus, “ETC.” the guidebook goes on to say, apparently quite a few more, so be sure to ask your professors or favorite archaeological experts about these submerged ruins, and when they think the submergence occurred.

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