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    Catholic Priest Father Michael Phleger Explains His Passion Apologizes on Good Morning America GMA for Hillary Clinton Mocking Rant from Pulpit Michael Phleger Appears with Robin Roberts Rationalizes Foolish Tirade Against Hillary Saying His Passion Gets in the Way of “the Message” from Intentionally Distorted Interpretation of Biblical Christianity

    Michael Phleger appeared on Good Morning America this morning, interviewed by Robin Roberts, trying to explain away his uncharitable words from the pulpit about Hillary Clinton, the foe of his main man Barack Hussein Obama, who with Phleger and Jeremiah Wright embraces black liberation theology, that Jesus was black, and so, the Jews have no claim to Israel, and therefore, the Muslims are supposedly the rightful heirs of the Holy Land, thus their friendships with PLO and Hamas operatives, such as Rashid Khalidi Musa Abu Marzook, are actually very predictable, in light of their deliberate distortion of the Bible; wolves in sheeps clothing for sure (in Obama’s case, in a wool two piece suit, baaaad).

    Phleger says he lets his passion get in the way of the message, but what is the message?  It’s obviously not the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it’s the message that Muslims and Christians are welcome in “the black church,” that Islam and Christianity are supposedly equally viable ways to salvation (in direct contradiction to new testament scripture), and so, islamic Sharia Law can creep into America as an exercise of freedom of religion in the “black church,” as evidenced with longtime embrace by Wright, Phleger, and Obama, of the Nation of Islam, led by Louis Farrakhan.

    Google Obama Odinga.


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