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    Barack Obama’s Response to Comment on Supreme Court’s Ruling Decision to Strike Down Overrule Washington D.C. Anti Second Amendment Gun Ban Law Upholding Right to Bear Arms Barack Obama Says Legal Gun Bans Good for Safety of Communities

    Barack Obama has responded to the Supreme Court’s decison to strike down the Washington D.C. gun ban law, which had caused honest citizens to be defenseless againt gun-toting criminals in D.C.   I just now heard him on the radio commenting on the decision, and the gist of his resonse was:

    “Americans have a long tradition of gun ownership, but gun bans are good in some communities, where gun crime is rampant.”

    Typical Obama, he’s obviously saying that he disagrees with the decision, but cloaks his disagreement in nonsense, after all, how can citizens fight gun-toting criminals in high crime neighborhoods without firepower?  And doesn’t Obama know what the 2nd Amendment says?  Watch for the D.C. violent crime-rate to drop precipitously now that citizens can defend themselves with guns, because the murderous criminals will never be sure who or who does not have a gun to stop their devious plans.

    Google Obama Odinga, for more insights into the real Obama, and to learn how the ancients measured time by the stars to measure the earth, checkout article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, corroborating the Genesis account, which makes no reference to race, just the progeny of Noah and the other seven on the Ark are recounted in Genesis, skin color is of no import to God, as Martin Luther King would say to Barack and his buddy Jeremiah Wright.

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