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    The hindu yugas of time are denominated in blocks of 432,000 years (as if anybody was around to count them), and the Great Pyramid of Giza is a reduced embodiment of the dimensions of the earth by a factor of 43,200, and half that number (21,600) is the number of nautical miles, derived by precise timekeeping, which compose the circumference-length of the earth, so you can see that the ancients were measuring time accurately too, but not solar transit time, as for nautical mile timekeeping (arc minutes, arc seconds), but precession time, the rate of the slow wobble of the earth’s axis (see article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, predicated on the fact that the length of one side of a hexagon (six-sided polygon), circumscribed by the circle of the earth, is the same length as the radius of the earth, so by measuring the “Wheel of Time,” the ancients were able to measure and map the earth.

    So the hexagon was seen as a symbol of power in the ancient world, the key to unlocking the relationship of cosmic time to geometry (which means earth measure, and that, by measuring time, the only way you can measure east-west distances), with the hexagon being the ancient symbol of the Satkona Yantra in India, the symbol of the dravidian fire god Agni, the sun, which brings life to the world through the cycle of time, as the sun rises in a “new house” of the zodiac every 2,160 years, through the cycle of time, the slow wobble of the earth’s axis, which cycles at the rate of 72 years/degree.

    The hexagon allowed the ancients to directly relate time to distance, so it was seen as magical, with the Seal of Solomon (Magen David) and the principles of oriental Feng Shui geometry, both deriving from hexagon geometry, the means by which they felt they were masters of the universe, in a sense, in knowing the key to quantifying their world, the earth, by the rate of the cycling of the great Wheel of Time, the manifestation of the slow wobble of the earth’s axis.

    The mandala, the oriential art form with hexagons and squares within circles, demonstrates the ancient reverance for the cosmic symmetry inherent to the hexagon/cycle of time relationship, to measure the earth, and in measuring the earth, they felt they had a measure of control, by rulers, of kingdoms, and measuring rulers of distance, which allowed the kings to quantify their domains, and actually know, precisely, where on earth they were, as evidenced with the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings.

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