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    John McCain and Barack Obama Will Speak to Democrat Open Borders Advocate Adolfo Carrion of National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials NALEAO Supports Advocates for National Health Insurance for Illegal Aliens Do Employment and Unemployment Rates Figures Include Undocumented Workers and How Do Government Officials Determine Who is Legal and Illegal?

    Have you ever wondered, when government officials are determing the unemployment rates among various demographic groups, among latinos specifically for this analysis, how they can tell which workers are illegal aliens and which are documented workers or U.S. citizens?  What good is a poll which says the unemployment rate is x amount in the latino community if it’s unknown whether the respondents to the survey are legal or illegal?  And if they do survey only documented workers and U.S. citizens among the latino community for the unemployment figure surveys, then do they turn the others (who are here illegally) over to I.C.E.?  Don’t count on it. 

    Adolfo Carrion of the Bronx, latino leader, head of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEAO), whom John McCain and Barack Obama will soon address, says that immigration is not a big issue in the latino community.  Well duh!!  Carrion and the Democrats support open borders, and providing Obama’s proposed nationalized health insurance to illegal aliens; at least McCain is not in favor of nationalized health insurance, so he wouldn’t be responsible for nationalized bureaucratic healthcare coverage for illegal aliens, which would put millions of illegal aliens in line for healthcare, right along with our mothers, fathers, aunts, and uncles, and ourselves, victims of the leftwing’s dillution of our national sovereignty, allowing the privileges of U.S. citizens and documented workers to illegal aliens and their unscrupulous employers who would benefit greatly from all this.

    So latinos who are U.S. citizens, and who love this country, will see through all this to support the lesser of the two evils, McCain over Obama, but no doubt, many legal latinos will still support Obama’s open borders policy, as they think the U.S. stole the southwest from Mexico, what they consider to be their ancient homeland of Atlan.  But of course, Atlan was across the Atlantic, near the Atlas mountains, now submerged because of the end of the Ice Age.  See category Atlantis Revealed, to understand the latinos’ ridiculous claim that the U.S. southwest if their long lost homeland of Atlan, and checkout article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, to see the relationship and common root of the ancient egyptian and mexican measuring systems.

    Google:  Obama Odinga

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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