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    Is White America Ready for a Black President Barack Hussein Obama Who is Backed by Radical Jihadist Muslims Has Most Liberal Socialistic Voting Record in the Senate Favors Open Lax Borders Immigration Non Control and Supports Gun Bans and a Moratorium on Drilling off the U.S. East and West Coasts?

    The liberal media talking heads are now implying that if you aren’t for Barack Hussein Obama then you’re probably are a racist, as they feign to forget that B. Hussein is backed by radical Muslims and their sympathizers (such as Louis Farrakhan, Raila Odinga, Hugo Chavez, Rashid Khalidi, and Mohammar Khaddafi), has the most liberal voting record in the senate, opposes illegal immigration control, favors gun bans against law abiding citizens, and apparently hopes that gas prices will continue to increase because he opposes drilling the rich oil deposits of the U.S. east and west coast continental shelves.

    So is it ok for Americans to oppose Obama for these reasons without being considered a racist?  Will Chris Matthews, Ketih Olbermann, Tom Brokaw, and the others, allow us this?  I don’t think they will, because they don’t want to talk about the afforementioned aspects of Obama’s political pedigree (wildly opposed by a healthy majority of the american electorate), protecting his candidacy at all costs, forcing Americans to get the information from alternative sources, which will cause McCain’s upcoming victory over Obama to be called an “unforseen upset,” much as when the Republicans “unexpectedly” took-over Congress in 1994. 

    Obama is not unelectable because he is half black, it’s because he’s a flaming liberal who nods and winks at the Muslims who would destroy Israel and the United States, just google “Obama Odinga” for a great example. Obama campaigned for Raila Odinga for president of Kenya, who lost, inciting his muslim backers to go on a rampage, killing 1,500 Christians and burning much property, that’s Obama’s man.

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