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    Bill Clinton in London England Says “Barack Obama Can Kiss My Ass” for Presidential Campaign Support Mainstream Media Spins It That Former President is Onboard with Team Obama Can Forget Independent Democrat Voters Favoring Second Amendment Rights Illegal Immigration Control and Support for Israel’s Right to Exist and Flourish as a Nation State

    Since it’s doubtful that Barack Obama will be kissing Bill Clinton’s ass anytime soon, Team Obama can’t count on the ex president’s support, because he said in England the other day:  “Obama can kiss my ass for my support.”  This development is obviously not music to the ears of the Democrats who hope Obama will beat McCain, but it is music to the ears of the millions of Democrats who oppose Obama, because he opposes strong measures against illegal immigration, favors gun bans against honest citizens, receives the support of radical Muslims, and opposes drilling for oil off America’s own shores, so the good news is for McCain, with Bill (and Hillary?) leading the charge against Obama from within his own ranks. 

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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