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    Bloodshed in Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe Strongman Should Be Suspended from African Union AU Says Barack Hussein Obama’s Cousin Islam Funded Prime Minister Raila Odinga of Kenya Riots after Loss in Presidential Run Obama Campaigned for Odinga 2006 Trip in Muslim Hadj Outfit Gear “Smear”

    Barack Obama’s cousin, prime minister Raila Odinga of Kenya, said today that Robert Mugabe, who recently strong-armed, through violence and intimidation, another election victory as president of Zimbabwe, should be suspended from the African Union (a conference of national leaders from the countries of Africa), which is ironic considering that Odinga’s muslim backers went on a bloody rampage when Odinga lost in his run for the presidency of Kenya, having promised them islamic sharia law if elected, and Barack Hussein Obama campaigned for him, back in 2006, when Obama was caught photographed in his muslim hadj outfit, for which Team Obama cried foul, calling the picture a smear.  But why should that be considered a “smear” by Team Obama, afterall, who put the hadj outfit on Obama if not Obama himself?

    Obama, Dick Morris, and Mohammar Khaddafi, were members of Team Odinga in his election bid, he lost by 230,000 votes, and the riots ensued, so in a power sharing arrangement to appease the raging Muslims, Odinga is prime minister, the camel’s nose in the tent.  And so it would be with Obama in America, backed by muslims, hoping for a win, but Americans won’t put up with it, so it’ll be McCain by a handsome margin in the fall general election, because millions of Democrats and Independents don’t like Obama’s most-liberal-in-the-senate voting record, his oppositon to laws for controlling illegal immigration, his desire to raise taxes, increase spending, give illegal aliens health insurance, and his greatly concerning associations and allegiances in the islamic world. 

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