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    An ancient undecifered script from the 7th century b.c., utilizing the western semitic greek alphabet, was discovered on Lemnos Island of the Aegean in the 1930’s.  The script shows great affinity to the undecifiered Etruscan language of ancient Italy, lending credence to that both may be pelasgian, the people who first settled the region of of Greece, named by the Italians for the Graikos tribe of the Aegean who had migrated to Italy around 1200 b.c., perhaps the speakers of the unknown pelasgian language, which in effect would be the language behind the undecifered Etruscan script, words of which are known however, such as cel, the mother goddess of earth, perhaps the namesake of the Celtics?

    See the strong affinity of the Lemnian to the Etruscan language at http://mlahanas.de/Greeks/LX/LemnianLanguage.html

    The Etruscans were descendents of the marauding Tersha or Tursha tribe spoken of by the egyptian scribes from the 1200 b.c. timeframe, invaders by sea, with many other tribes, such as the Shardana (from Sardinia), who had lost much land to dessication and sea level rise beginning circa 1500 b.c., when the Ice Age actually ended, submerged ruins on the shallow seafloor in the Mediterranean bearing stark testimony to that loss of land, confirmed also with the legend of the Flood of Ogygos, the same flood of Atlantis, just that the usually cogent Plato had the date wrong.

    Tarshish (Tartessos) was the city now under Seville, Spain, said to have been founded by Hercules (pelasgian Posidon) and Atlas (son of Sidon), but Tarshish was a son of Javan, Iawan, the nameake of the Ionians, and Tarshish may well have been the namesake of the Tersha or Tyrsenoi, so the range of the mariners of Tarshish extolled in the Bible rings true, traders with the Atlantean League during the Ice Age, the megalithic ruins of Atlantis now submerged in the Gibraltar region, off Tangiers, Ceuta, Tarifa, Zahara de los Atunes, Cadiz, Chipiona, Rota, and Huelva, so students, teachers, let’s investigate further.

    And certainly see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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