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    The people of Israel are rejoicing that a section of the wall around King Solomon’s palace grounds, two-hundred-thirty feet of rock wall, twenty feet high, has been excavated by a team from Hebrew University, led by Eilat Mazar, with backing from private american interests, the discovery which should further silence the skeptics of Israel’s right to the Holy Land, the stone wall ruins of the Jebusites the only sign of a tribe before King David established Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, with many of the stones from the Jebusite fortress used for the buildings of David and then Solomon circa 1000 b.c. 

    King Jebus was a son of Canaan, having built the citadel fortress of Ur u’ salem circa 2200 b.c., it remained in canaanite hands until Joshua led the israeli nation’s invasion circa 1400 b.c., fulfilling God’s promise that Canaan would be cursed, the Hebrews then having built that great iron age hill city, the City of David, with stones from the City of Jebus used for the building of perhaps that wall discovered by Eilat Mazar and crew, good show folks, making obvious that the land hungry Palestinians, known anciently as the Philistines, can lay claim to only the Gaza Strip, the land which they already possess, their homeland (if they can really trace their roots back to the Philistines).

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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