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    With many polls in the United States showing that around half of the american public believes the biblical genesis account, Adam and Eve, no darwinian evolution, as the Bible reads, then discussing such (perhaps in roundtable forums of experts on tv and radio) would certainly be great ratings successes, lively conversations comparing the horribly flawed darwinian model to the biblical model of ancient history, to determine how they stack up, to see if the bible-believing american public is right.

    But the Progressives who run the left wing media are certainly all darwinists, unless there’s a few closet creationists, so they see no upside to exposing darwinism for the fraud which it is, no fault of the scientists who have been propagandized to it, but intellectual fraud nevertheless, in saying that it’s fact, when the evidence strongly indicates it’s fiction, which would be exposed when compared to the genesis creation model presented by knowledgable and academically well-rounded young earth creationists, the public would love to see it, but the Progressives can’t have that, however, they are now forced to treat the Tea Party movement with respect, so who knows?

    And you skeptics of the biblical account, please know that all of history recorded in the book of Genesis except the six days of creation was recorded by eyewitnesses, from Adam down through Noah, Abraham, and then Moses, who compiled the scribed histories, the origins, the generations, of those ancient patriarchs, demonstrated in article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com, and let’s have those roundtable discussion/debates on tv, must see tv for sure, the ratings would be through the roof, perhaps Christopher Hitchens, Ben Stein, and Bill Maher would like to participate, it would be a great show.

    Off topic; perhaps young voters don’t turn-out on election day like older voters because the younger ones (at least subconsciously) calculate that their inexperience may well lead to unwise voting, a glaring exception having been the election of B. Hussein Obama, they got snowed, to the delight of their progressive educators.

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