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    The book of Daniel, written about 2,000 years after Noah’s Flood, reports the story of the dragon ( a “dinosaur”) named Bel which was killed by Daniel with a meal of tasties mixed with tar, pitch, and wool, the creature which was worshipped at Babylon, and the book of Job reports the huge creature Behemoth (with a tail “like a cedar tree”) which lived in the “Jordan” river (actually the Gorganj river which flows into the Caspian Sea from the southeast), in the land of Uz, now known as Uzbekistan, during the Ice Age, so we have these fascinating stories all the way through the old testament Bible about dragons, the erstwhile dinosaurs, yet many Christians say that Sarah Palin is crazy for her belief in young earth creationism?  Will real Christians ever step up to defend her belief that the book of Genesis means what it says?

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