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    Whom did the ancient earth-measuring astrologers put at the top of the visible universe, at the top of the “world tree” above the North Pole at the top of the axis of the earth?  Draco’s constellation, the Great Serpent there above, was the selection, because the ancients were enamoured with the legendary fiend Satan having brought the knowledge of good and evil into the world, thereby embracing the bad with the good (so to speak), so God, according to the astrologers, is not the solution to the problems of humanity.

    The dragon was a popular symbol of power in the ancient world, worshipped by the Chinese of Marco Polo’s time, reporting that for royal processions, real dragons were yoked to the king’s carriage for parades before the people, their best stuff, the ol’ serpent reveered and feared from old, as Pliny the Younger from roman times reported many dragons in India, both admired and loathed, and the Greeks worshipped Athena (Ham’s wife) with arm draped with a serpent, the statue to which was bowed at the Parthenon in Athens, the symbol of wisdom to many, but without the creator God.

    Dinosaurs known as dragons have been with us always, demonstrated with the historical record far beyond the biblical mega-creatures Bel and Behemoth in the Old Testament, so hold onto your hats and refer to http://GenesisPark.org/Genpark/History/History.html, then go to chapter 10 at http://ldolphin.org/cooper/contents.html, to see that the great serpents were revered as they were encountered throughout history, their power having symbolized the power of the dragon who supposedly presides over the earth, supposedly controlling the rate of precession, the wobble of the “world tree,” so the ancients accurately mapped the earth and sometimes thought they charted their destinies by the stars, as the Serpent would have it.

    And check-this-out http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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